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About Grow Room CO2

Indoor growing operations of all sizes benefit from carbon dioxide (CO2) supplementation. Plants use CO2 to absorb light and create the energy they need for growth. With additional
CO2 in your grow room, you can increase your yields and help your plants grow faster. At HTG Supply, we sell a wide range of CO2 systems to meet the needs of any indoor garden.

Our Grow Room CO2 Systems for Sale

Our selection of CO2 systems for indoor growing includes:
CO2 and atmosphere control devices: We sell various CO2, temperature, and humidity controllers that help you achieve the ideal environment for your indoor garden.

CO2 bags: Place a CO2 bag in your grow room to provide a continuous supply of carbon dioxide without the need to refill bottles, regulators or other devices. The bags contain organic matter that develops mycelial mass, which produces CO2. Hang the bag slightly above your plants for optimal access to the carbon dioxide. You will also find hangers for CO2 bags in our selection of CO2 products.

Complete CO2 kits: If you are looking for grow tent CO2 systems, we have several kits that contain a CO2 tank, regulator, and controller for an easy-to-use supplemental CO2 system.

Generators and burners: Using a generator or burner is an efficient method for adding high amounts of carbon dioxide to your grow area. Generators and burners take liquid propane or natural gas and burn it to create CO2 output. The generators that we sell provide clean, consistent burning for safe and effective operation.

Tanks and regulators: Tank and regulator systems are a popular CO2 enrichment method for indoor gardens. The tank contains compressed CO2, and the regulator controls how much CO2 the tank releases. It is ideal to use a controller with the tank and regulator to automatically adjust output so you can maintain the right carbon dioxide level.

Why Buy CO2 for Indoor Gardening From HTG Supply?

HTG Supply carries many premium CO2 products to increase plant growth in your garden. You will find diverse equipment options to meet the needs of any setup or budget. If you have a specific type or brand of CO2 system in mind, let us know and we can help you find it or suggest an alternative. Our growing experts have the knowledge and experience to recommend the best products based on your specific needs.

If you want to learn more about using CO2 systems for indoor growing, we also have how-to guides and other helpful articles in our online Information Center.

In addition to CO2 systems, we maintain a vast inventory of supplies for all types of growing operations. We sell high-quality grow tents, powerful grow lights, organic nutrients and anything else you may need.
You can also count on us for speedy shipping times. All orders are processed within 24 hours, so you should receive your items in just a matter of days.

Search our products online or visit one of our retail stores to see our supplies in person.

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