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About Ozone Generators

Growing indoors offers one of the safest and most convenient ways to keep your garden going all year long. But setting up an inside growing area can lead to some unforeseen side effects, such as pungent smells. An ozone machine can combat the odors generated by plants in warm and humid environments by producing ozone, which cleans the air.

Ozone makes your space smell better by eliminating the source of odors instead of simply masking them. Best of all, ozone machines won’t hurt your plants. They are safe to use with any type of plant and with high or low temperatures.

Why Use Ozone Generators for Indoor Gardens?

Having your own indoor growing area is an experience you should enjoy. You use your hobby to relax, and worrying about strong smells coming from your garden isn’t how you want to spend your time.

Ozone machines produce ozone, an oxidizing agent that can change the molecular structure of compounds that cause odors, getting rid of bad smells. You can use ozone machines in a range of environments, including hot and humid grow rooms. Your device won’t produce any hazardous waste.

Because of the compact design, no matter what size you choose, you can easily transport your ozone machine, moving it to different areas of your indoor garden. Even the most potent smells are no match for our ozone generators.

You can safely use them by choosing the right one based on your indoor growing area’s size. You will enjoy the decrease in odors in your greenhouse and the advantages of the purified air.

Are Ozone Generators Dangerous?

Today, phrases like "ozone depletion" and "greenhouse gases" are buzzwords that make people nervous about the state of our future world. When you hear the word "ozone," you may be concerned that anything related to it could cause more worldwide damage than it would benefit you. In this case, though, ozone generators are safe for the environment.

In fact, when not used properly, ozone generators pose more of a danger to you than the environment. Ozone is safe to be around, but only when you don't breathe it in. Breathing in too much ozone can cause chest pains and breathing problems, so be sure to use the generator only when no one will be in your growing area, including pets.

Ozone generators are more common than you think in many industries. One of its primary uses is as a sanitizer in the food service industry. On a molecular level, ozone is defined as a cluster of three oxygen molecules, one pair with an extra unstable one connected to them. When released into the air, the unstable molecule looks for anything to attach itself to, even dust, mold, mildew and pollen. When it attaches, it changes the chemical composition of whatever it is connected to, neutralizing the contaminant.

Because the third oxygen molecule is so desperate to find a new connection, ozone becomes regular oxygen rather quickly. So, although you shouldn't be in the area while your ozone generator is on and running, the area where you disperse the ozone is generally safe to reenter within 30 to 45 minutes after you turn off your generator.

Caring For Your Ozone Generator

Thankfully, when it comes to maintenance, there's not much you'll need to do for your grow room ozone generator. Ozone is actually a better sterilizer than chlorine bleach and many other harsh chemicals. It does a good job of keeping itself and everything around it free from odors and germs. Still, there are some tips for you to keep in mind so that you, your generator and your plants stay safe:

  • Pick the right size: A generator that's too small for your grow room will be ineffective, while a generator that's too large can overcrowd the room with ozone and damage your plants. In general, an average-sized grow room of about 200 cubic feet needs a generator that can output 200-400 milligrams of ozone per hour.
  • Know the smell: Like your plants, ozone has a distinct smell when in high concentrations. If your grow room smells like the air after a storm, it's an indication that ozone is in the air you're breathing and you need to leave the room. If the smell lingers, it's also a good indication that your generator is producing too much ozone for the room it's in.
  • Keep track of time: In general, using an ozone generator for about an hour at a time is all that's necessary, even if your plants come up with an infestation of mold or bugs or they smell particularly potent. Allow the air to fully circulate and disperse before running your generator again.

The Benefits of Buying Your Ozone Machine From HTG Supply

At HTG Supply, our goal is to help you find the right products to assist you with your home growing operations.

We have a range of options available to improve your growing area, from finding the right lighting fixtures for growing plants to discovering nutrients that will help your plants grow faster. We also carry hydroponic supplies and soil.

We enjoy talking to our customers and figuring out what products will assist them the most. We’ll ask about your goals and suggest ways you can achieve them.

Whether you want to buy an ozone generator or a carbon filter, we can advise you on everything from sizing to brand names. Other reasons to buy from us include:

  • Exceptional customer service. We care about you and finding the best fit for your needs. Our supportive staff wants to help solve your problems, and we will do everything we can to connect you with the right tools.
  • Unmatched selection. Our vast number of products is more than any of our competitors offer.
  • Fast shipping. We get our products to you quickly. We’re known as one of the fastest shippers in the industry.

You don’t have to put up with foul smells in your indoor gardens and growing areas. Browse our selection to find the right ozone generator today to eliminate offensive odors. Place your order online or get in touch to discuss your questions today.

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