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HTG Supply offers the best grow light reflector hoods at the lowest prices. If you’ve been searching for top quality grow light hoods and reflectors that won’t leave you broke, you’ve found the right place!  HTG Supply offers a huge selection of grow light reflectors for every type of indoor gardener, from beginner to hobby to professional growers. We have all sizes and types of reflector hoods available for every type of garden.

Our Grow Light Hoods are divided into 2 categories;

Air coolable reflector hoods and non-air cooled open air hoods.

Air Cooled Hoods
Air cooled reflector hoods include glass shields and built in fittings to connect to ductwork for air cooling and include XXXL types Cool Tubes and many different shapes and sizes. Air cooled reflector products enable growers to route external air through the hood to cool the light out the room without affecting CO2 or other environmental impacts. This allows for very creative ventilation strategies as well.

Open Air Hoods
Non-Air cooled hoods include Wing and Umbrella styles.

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Most Popular in Reflectors & Hoods

Budget Ref 3
HTGSupply 4 Sided Horizontal Reflector
High Yield Straight 6
Hy Maxwing
High Yield Maxwing Reflector
1000W De Grow Light Digital Greenhouse Free Ship
Digital Greenhouse 1000w DE Grow Light
Starting at:
Agromax Signature Series 750 De
AgroMax Signature 600/750w Double Ended Grow Light
Starting at:
C Revolution Deva 1000W De Light System 120 240V Lit
Revolution DEva 1000W DE Grow Light
Hy Ezcool6
High Yield EasyCool 6 Reflector
High Yield Straight 8 Reflector
Hy Ezcool8
High Yield EasyCool 8 Reflector
Hy Bigkahuna
High Yield Big Kahuna Reflector
De Chill6
Double Ended Chill 6 Inch Reflector
315 Watt Ceramic Metal Halide Dimmable Digital Greenhouse 1
Digital Greenhouse Dimmable 315w CMH Fixture
Starting at:
Hy Sunsoaker
High Yield Sunsoaker Reflector
High Yield SunWing 6 Reflector
Sunwing 8 De Reflector
SunWing 8 DE Reflector
High Yield Straight 6 Reflector
Scion 315w Dimmable CMH Fixture
Scion 315w Dimmable CMH Grow Light
Starting at:
Digital Greenhouse Hhp 1000W De Grow Light
Digital Greenhouse HHP 1000w DE Grow Light
Starting at:
Ag Signature Series Lit
AgroMax Signature 1000w DE Grow Light
Starting at:
Hy Bigdaddy
High Yield Big Daddy Reflector
De Quasar
Double Ended Quasar Reflector
Sun System 315 Lec
Sun System LEC 315 Watt 4200k Grow Light
Starting at:
Hy Airoflow
High Yield Airoflow Reflector
De Adjustable
Double Ended Adjustable Wing Reflector

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