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About Grow Room Odor Control

Every plant has a distinct smell, which can often be very strong. Whether you dislike the scent or simply do not want it permeating throughout your home, you need the right grow room odor control system to keep the smell under control.

Many growers find minimizing strong odors to be a challenging task. Chances are you have taken many measures to control the airflow and temperature in your room already. Odor control may seem like it could change your room's environment, but it doesn't have to! We carry a wide selection of tools to manage smells and maintain your room or tent's air movement.

At HTG Supply, we sell a range of odor control products, from powerful ozone generators for stubborn smells to gels and sprays for light odor correction. Discover what we can do for you to keep a balanced, odorless grow room and still see tremendous growth.

Benefits of Grow Room Odor Control

Whether or not you've gotten used to the scent of your flowering plants, odor control can be a crucial process in your grow room. The advantages of managing strong smells can go further than your nose. Your plants and the entire operation can benefit from a well-maintained system.

Here are a few ways odor control can improve your grow room:

  • Personal comfort: When your plants reach their flowering stage, you may notice a strong smell in your grow room. Some growers may get used to this scent or even enjoy it. For others, odor control is a personal preference. Either way, we provide the tools to manage strong scents in humid rooms.
  • Complaint prevention: You may operate out of your home or a shared building when you have an indoor garden. Certain smells can be so intense your neighbors may complain. Maintaining a positive relationship with your neighborhood can be a huge benefit of odor control.
  • Ventilation maintenance: Sometimes, a strong odor can be a sign of ineffective ventilation. Your grow room needs to maintain a certain level of humidity and temperature control. If it's too damp, smells can become stronger. This may indicate a need for better airflow. Our selection of fans can control the scent and keep your air moving at the same time.
  • State law compliance: Depending on your state's guidance for at-home grow rooms, you may be required to maintain odor control. Certain plants create powerful smells, so some state laws enforce guidelines on odor control. You can find compliant equipment at HTG Supply.

Our Odor Control Equipment for Grow Rooms

We sell all the necessary equipment to create an odor control system for grow tents or grow rooms, including:

  • Carbon filters: Carbon filters contain activated carbon that is finely packed within a metal cylinder. Odor-causing molecules enter the filter and stick to the porous surface of the activated carbon, which traps smells. We sell carbon filters in several different sizes, so there is an option to fit whatever type of growing area you have — from small hobby growing rooms to large commercial spaces.
  • Carbon filter and fan combos: These units are some of the most effective tools to prevent plant smells from leaking out of your grow room. The filter traps odor particles within the unit while the fan provides proper ventilation for complete containment of odors. Our selection of combo products includes high-quality, reliable GrowBright units in various sizes.
  • Ozone generators: If you’re looking for a powerful odor-elimination tool, an ozone generator is an excellent choice. These devices alter the molecular structure of odor-causing microorganisms to neutralize smells at their source. You should apply ozone in an unoccupied room while your generator is active to ensure proper ventilation during and after application. We also recommend keeping your grow room closed for at least an hour after using the ozone generator for the best and safest results.
  • Odor-proof storage: We also sell odor-proof bags and storage containers to keep smells hidden. These products have airtight seals for leak protection that keeps odors locked inside. With the aroma contained, you can store your grow room products anywhere confidently. The bags and containers come in numerous sizes for whatever your harvesting needs may be.
  • Aromatic odor control: Aromatic odor control products work similarly to spray fragrances with their mix of odor-capturing technology and odor-masking scents. At HTG Supply, we sell Ona Blocks, which are small containers of odor neutralizing agents you can place almost anywhere. We also offer Ona gels and sprays that trap foul odors and cover them with a fresh scent. Ona scents include Fresh Linen, PRO Formula, Apple Crumble and Polar Crystal.

Why Buy Grow Tent Odor Control Products From HTG Supply?

Grow room odor control can improve your indoor gardening experience. You can experience better ventilation, fewer complaints and a cleaner smell with our equipment. Enjoy pleasant gardening with a room or tent that manages and prevents strong odors.

HTG Supply has everything you need to build an effective grow room odor control system with our extensive selection of products. When you search our inventory, you’ll find top-quality supplies at affordable prices for the exceptional value you want. We also provide fast shipping and personalized service for an unbeatable shopping experience.

If you live in a state where we have brick-and-mortar retail stores, take advantage of your location and stop by to shop in person. If you have questions, contact us online or consult our online information center.

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