DIY Hydroponics

If it ain’t done right, then just do it yourself! HTG Supply carries a wide variety of DIY parts and accessories for the construction of hydroponic systems. Whether you need drip stakes, vinyl tubing, tees, connectors, or more we’ve got you covered. DIY hydroponics saves you money and lets you create hydro systems that meet the exact needs of your garden. No longer do you have to bend over backwards to fit a garden’s layout to a hydro system, you control how your plants sit and grow. For that DIY spirit and the parts to back it up, look no further than HTG Supply.

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Htg Bucket Grommet
3/4 inch Rubber Grommet
Botanicare Micro Sprayer 180 Gallery
Botanicare 180 Micro Sprayer
0.75 Inch Barbed Tee
3/4 inch Double Barbed Tee
Botanicare Micro Sprayer 360 Gallery
Botanicare 330 Micro Sprayer
1/2 Inch Grommet For WaterFarm
Ezclone 360 Mister Gallery
EZ-Clone 360 Mister
4 Inch Air Stone
Elemental O2 Cylinder Stone - 4 Inch
75 Barbed Elbow Gallery
3/4 inch Double Barbed Elbow
75 Barbed Tee Gallery
1/2 Inch Double Barbed Tee
Half Inch Barbed Elbow
1/2 Inch Barbed Elbow
Antelco .5 Inch Valve
Antelco Valve - 1/2 Inch & 3/4 Inch
75 Barbed Connector Gallery
3/4 inch Double Barbed Connector
Elemental O2 Cylinder 1.7
Elemental O2 Cylinder Stone - 1.7 Inch
Botanicare Fitting Three Quarter Inch
Botanicare 3/4" Bulkhead Fitting
Halfinch Double Barbed Connector
1/2 Inch Double Barbed Connector
Botanicare Bulkhead Screen
Botanicare Bulkhead Screen
AgroMax 2 Inch Air Cylinder
AgroMax 2 Inch Air Stone Cylinder
Antelco PotStream Adjustable Stake
Antelco 1/4" PotStream Adjustable Stake
25 Inch Barbed Connector
1/4 Inch Double Barbed Tubing Connector, 50 PSI
Botanicare Fitting Three Quarter Inch
Botanicare 1/2" Bulkhead Fitting
Elemental O2 Cylinder 2
Elemental O2 Cylinder Stone - 2 Inch
25 Inch Barbed Tee
Raindrip 1/4" Double Barbed Tee
AgroMax 4 Inch Air Cylinder
AgroMax 4 Inch Air Stone Cylinder
Elemental Air Pump 2 Outlet Gallery
Dual Outlet Air Pump - 40 Gallon Max.

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