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About DIY Hydroponics

If it ain’t done right, then just do it yourself! HTG Supply carries a wide variety of DIY parts and accessories for the construction of hydroponic systems. Whether you need drip stakes, vinyl tubing, tees, connectors, or more we’ve got you covered.

DIY hydroponics saves you money and lets you create hydro systems that meet the exact needs of your garden. No longer do you have to bend over backwards to fit a garden’s layout to a hydro system, you control how your plants sit and grow. For that DIY spirit and the parts to back it up, look no further than HTG Supply.

What Do You Need to Start Your DIY Hydroponics System?

When you choose the DIY route, you can tailor every part of your system to your needs. Regardless of your hydroponics method, you will need certain tools and accessories to get growing. HTG Supply provides the following equipment for the ultimate hydroponic system:

  • Air pumps and air stones: Air pumps facilitate the oxygenating process all plants need to survive. When you grow with a hydroponics system, it's crucial to send air bubbles to your nutrient reservoir for your plants to soak in. The pump sends air to the stone which lays in your tank so you can help your plants stay aerated.
  • Drip irrigation: A favorite DIY hydroponics method is drip irrigation. Drip systems feed plants through a tube connected to your nutrient reservoir. With this method, you can customize the system size, feeding time and amount of water your plants receive. We carry everything from drip stakes to tubing for DIY enthusiasts.
  • Float valves: The water flow in your reservoir determines when your plants feed and absorb their nutrients. A float valve can assist with this process by opening and shutting according to your desired feeding time. This is perfect for DIY systems with an ebbing and flowing water supply.
  • Hydroponic sprayers and misters: Foliar sprayers and misters are effective ways to water your hydroponic plants through their leaves. These can be perfect for certain types of plants or DIY aeroponic setups. We have a range of supplies to fit your needs.
  • Hydroponic system fittings and connectors: From dividers to grommets, we offer system fittings and connectors to customize your setup. These supplies add security or connection to your current structure. Once your hydroponics system is air- and water-tight, you can let it do the rest.
  • Hydroponic tubing: Your tubing's quality may determine your system's protection against leaks or algae. Good hydroponic tubing will fit your system like a glove and work for your water supply needs.
  • Water pumps: Your preferred water pump will depend on your hydroponics system and where your reservoir lies. An effective pump will move your water to your plants and circulate the nutrients to prevent algae and disease. Discover our submersible, inline and sump pumps today.

Create the Ultimate Hydroponic System With HTG Supply

Starting a DIY growing system gives you the freedom to fit your setup to your needs. At HTG Supply, we provide the individual parts necessary for a range of techniques, so you can mix and match what works for you. We can help you find what you need and more for your at-home system with these DIY parts.

When you're ready to start growing, our DIY tools and equipment are simple to set up and connect. We are one of the fastest hydroponics supply shippers in the country, so you can be up and running soon. Learn more about DIY hydroponics from our online information center or visit one of our retail stores for in-person shopping. If you have questions, reach out to us online.

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