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About Organic Nutrients

Organic nutrients help plants achieve naturally enhanced flavor and scent profiles, making them a top choice among growers. They are also an ideal alternative to synthetics if you want to prevent salt buildup and to know exactly what is in the food you are feeding your plants.

Many growers prefer organic hydroponics because, when done correctly, the results are unmatched. Commercial growers can get USDA organic certification and increase profits with organic nutrients. With organic growing, practice makes perfect, and our selection of nutrients can help you get there.

At HTG Supply, we have a premium selection of indoor garden organic nutrients from top brands such as General Organics, FoxFarm, Down to Earth and Earth Juice. All of the organic products we carry are listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) or certified by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), so you can trust their organic input and quality.

Why Choose Organic Gardens?

Different growers have varying reasons for organic gardening. Hydroponic organic growing takes a unique form and creates new advantages for soilless gardeners. Organic hydroponics can make your crops more desireable, reduce your eco-footprint and help you qualify for organic certification.

Here are just a few of the reasons growers choose hydroponic organic nutrients:

  • Prevent landfill waste: Organic nutrients replace synthetic materials and prevent natural waste. Certain ingredients would otherwise go unused in a landfill or waste site. Using a nutrient solution with composted/repurposed materials is better for the earth and maximizes their life cycles.
  • Pesticide-free ingredients: A large part of your organic certification is using pesticide-free materials. Our organic hydroponic nutrients have all-natural ingredients so your plants are pesticide-free. Plus, many of these additives can prevent pests in your garden, so you won't need to use harmful chemicals.
  • High-quality flavor: Many organic growers experience a better taste and scent from their final products. If you're making the switch from synthetic materials, remember to be patient as your crops grow accustomed to the new nutrients. After you find the perfect blend of nutrients, your plants will excel.
  • Peace of mind: If you are a small-scale grower, you may prefer organic gardens because they give you peace of mind. Many people choose organic nutrients because they have straightforward ingredients, and you can feel better consuming your final crop.
  • More control: Creating a compost tea or nutrient solution can give you more control over your garden. With organic hydroponics, you know what your plants absorb and can perfect measurements when needed.

Our Organic Nutrients for Hydroponic Gardens and Container Growing

Organic hydroponics can take many forms. You will learn that your garden may require some time to get used to these nutrients. Once you develop the perfect nutrient solution for your plants, you will be proud of your results.

Our selection of organic nutrients for hydroponic systems and container growing include:

  • Bat and bird guanos: Guano is the hardened leftovers of many layers of bat or bird feces built up over time. Guano is one of the oldest organic supplements, and it is highly effective for top dressing into soils, pre-amending soils and brewing compost teas.
  • Beneficial biology: Beneficial biology products are essential for maintaining healthy soil indoors. Soil found outdoors naturally contains biology like bacteria, fungi and microorganisms that your plants need. Beneficial biology products are made with these vital components, which help your plants increase their water and nutrient intake, improve pest resistance and enhance their root zones.
  • Compost tea: Compost tea is a unique blend of organic fertilizers, active biology and supplements for a nutrient solution that increases your yields and improves your plants’ growth. Compost tea is “brewed” by aerating and mixing the substances with a compost tea brewer or a five-gallon bucket with an air ring. Compost tea is most effective when it’s brewed for 24 hours and used within 48 hours of brewing.
  • Meals: Meal fertilizers contain dried and ground pieces of the particular meal source. For example, bone and blood meals are made from the byproducts of meat processing. The meals we sell are ideal for use in compost tea, top dressing plants and pre-amended soils.
  • Veganic: These fertilizers do not contain animal products. Instead, veganic fertilizers come from plant-based sources like pressed kelp and alfalfa meal for a more sustainable, low-impact growing method.
  • Worm castings: Worm castings, also known as worm feces, are highly effective as fertilizer. They have active biology, non-burning fertilizer capabilities and a slow release of micronutrients and nitrogen. Seedlings can be placed directly into worm castings, and worm castings also make an excellent addition to organic pre-amended soils and compost teas.

Why Buy Garden Organic Nutrients From HTG Supply?

Whether you're switching from synthetic ingredients or starting fresh, hydroponic organic nutrients can transform your grow room. With the right nutrient solution, you can see enhanced results and enjoy a top-notch harvest. Take step one toward your organic certification with nutrients from HTG Supply.

HTG Supply has a large inventory of affordable, high-quality organic nutrients. We ship all orders within 24 hours so that you receive your items as quickly as possible — typically within three days. If you live near one of our retail stores, stop by to see our products in person and get advice from our expert staff.

As your one-stop shop for hydroponic supplies, you’ll find all the best products when you shop at HTG Supply. If you have questions, you can contact us online or refer to our information center.

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