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About Plant Propagation Supplies

If you want to grow new plants, propagation is the first step. We sell a wide range of plant propagation supplies so you can get growing fast and efficiently, whatever your propagation method may be.

What Is Plant Propagation?

Plant propagation is the process of growing new plants. This growth typically occurs through sexual reproduction, which involves mixing pollen from a male flower with an egg from a female flower. You can also create new plants through asexual propagation, also known as cloning, by using pieces of a mother plant to grow genetically identical new plants.
There are several different types of cutting methods for asexual propagation. When you perform root cutting, you remove a section of roots from the mother plant and bury them just below the soil's surface. The roots produce new shoots, and eventually, new bulbs can be propagated.

If your plants have a branching structure with numerous stems on each branch, stem cuttings are usually ideal for propagation. For proper stem cutting, cut a four to five-inch stem and remove the lowest leaves. Your prepared cutting should include two or three top leaves and two to four inches of stem with a leaf node at the base an inch or so above the cut. You will then place the stem in your growing medium with the media just covering the top of the node.

Some plants with leaves can be propagated with leaf cuttings. This method requires you to cut the leaf with a small section of stem and then place it in moist soil or substrate to grow.

Check out our article on plant propagation and visit our online Information Center to learn more about the process.

Our Plant Propagation Equipment for Sale
HTG Supply carries many plant propagation systems and supplies, including:

Domes: Humidity domes trap moisture to help clones and seedlings thrive in their environment. Our selection includes round, short, and tall domes for numerous applications.

Heat mats: Cuttings start better when they are in warm soil. Heat mats placed under trays boost soil temperature to increase germination rates. You can also use them with a dome to increase humidity and dew.

Trays: We sell trays for all your propagation tasks. They are available in numerous sizes, and we also sell kits that include a dome, heat mat, and root plugs.

Scalpels and cutting tools: High-quality tools are essential for precise cuttings. We carry premium scissors, scalpels, pruning shears, and snips designed specifically for plant cutting. We also sell bins to collect clippings, gloves to keep your hands clean while you work, and sharpeners to keep your tools in top condition.

Starter nutrients: We carry nutrients formulated for small plants like cones and seedlings. All of our starter nutrients are made by top brands such as Advanced Nutrients and Technaflora for quality you can trust.

Why Buy Plant Propagation Supplies From HTG Supply?

HTG Supply sells all the equipment you need for successful plant propagation. With affordable prices, quick shipping and attentive service, we ensure your shopping experience with us is a great one. Stop by one of our retail stores or place your order online today.

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