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About Bucket Systems for Sale

Using hydroponic systems, you can grow plants faster and larger than using soil systems and do so in the comfort of your home. Whether you're new to hydroponics or are looking for heavy-duty hydroponic bucket systems, HTG Supply carries the best and most popular deep water culture (DWC) and ebb and flow systems for sale.

Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Systems

Deep water culture hydroponic systems are perfect for those dipping their feet into hydroponic growing. In a deep water culture system, plants are grown in pots that float on a rig above a nutrient-rich water vat. Deep water culture systems are the most affordable way to grow plants hydroponically and are great for small plants and plants with short harvest cycles.

If you're a beginner to hydroponic growing and are looking for an affordable bucket system for sale, our Bubble Boy products will give you incredible results for a small investment. For those looking to start small, try our Bubble Boy Single Shot in a 3.5 or 5-gallon size. When growing small plants, try the Bubble Boy Four Banger, which can fit four plants in one 3.5-gallon system. If you're looking for a larger growing system, try our Bubble Brothers 4 Plant or Bubble Brother 6 XL systems.

Ebb & Flow Hydroponic Bucket Systems

Ebb and flow systems are a classic approach to hydroponics. In an ebb and flow system, a system of tubes periodically floods each plant site with nutrient-rich water before allowing it to drain back into a reservoir. Using this bucket system, you can easily move plants around when they become crowded and add extra containers to the rig. 

Our Ebb & Grow products are the most versatile ebb and flow systems on the market. This simple system uses a water pump to flood your plants three to four times a day and works with containers of various sizes and shapes. This expandable system allows you to add more containers as you desire.

HTG Supply is the exclusive carrier of the best-selling Big Boy Ebb and Flow Electronic System, which is famous for its growth potential and versatility. Big Boy systems work with digital timing cycles, water-level adjusters and 10" bucket lids. Using an expansion pack, Big Boy systems can accommodate as many as 12-18 plants. 

Our Class 5 Hydroponic System is ideal for experienced hydroponic growers looking to increase their indoor farm yield. Class 5 Hydroponic Systems can be timed down to the minute to deliver premium nutrients to your crops. The low-profile pots of this bucket system allow for more vertical space and can accommodate up to 12 pots. 

Buy Hydroponic Bucket Systems Online at HTG Supply

Our large selection of hydroponic growing products is unmatched by our competitors. We can help you find exactly what you need to increase your yield, and we will ship your order faster than almost any other supplier in the country. Visit our information center to learn more about hydroponic growing and start your farm today!

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