Big Boy Ebb & Flow Hydroponic System

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Big Boy, the industry's most popular ebb and flow hydroponic system, is available exclusively at HTG Supply! Big Boy is one of the most well-recognized names in ebb and flow hydroponics because it provides exceptional versatility, and most importantly, it produces tremendous plant growth. The Big Boy system incorporates common-sense features that improve functionality and versatility for indoor growers. A central 55-gallon reservoir feeds the system's (6) 3.5-gallon planting buckets, which can be increased to 12 or 18 planting sites utilizing the convenient Big Boy expansion kits. Water-level adjustment, 10" bucket lids, and digital cycle timing are just a few of the reasons why the Big Boy is one of the top choices in ebb and flow hydroponic systems. Comes complete with fittings and tubing, as well as complete setup instructions!  

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Big Boy Ebb & Flow Hydroponic System

The Big Boy Ebb & Flow Hydroponic System is designed to produce outstanding plant growth and engineered to beat the competition with versatility, value, and ease of use. Common-sense system features are the trademark of the Big Boy Ebb & Flow. Digital timers allow system fill and drain cycles can be optimized with timing down to the minute. Site pot layout can be easily condensed to meet spatial limitations and arranged to allow easy access to all of your plants. Six Bucket expansion kits, including the necessary tubing and connectors, can be added at any time to fit your growing needs. You won’t believe how easy it is to grow incredible hydroponic plants with the Big Boy Ebb & Flow System!

Expansion Kits: Upgrade to 12 or 18 planting sites at any time. A modular setup allows the Big Boy Ebb & Flow the to transform from the basic six pot model to an expanded 12-pot configuration or 18-pot horticultural powerhouse!
System Instructions

Big Boy 6-Pot Ebb & Flow System Info

Includes: 55-gallon reservoir, (6) 3.5-gallon site buckets, (6) 10” bucket lids, 5-gallon control bucket with adjustable float valve, (2) submersible pumps, (2) digital timers, required tubing & fittings, complete setup instructions
System Footprint: 4.5’ x 4’ (minimum including reservoir & controller bucket)
Power Usage: 45 watts (total)
Number of planting sites: 6
Recommended lighting: 600w HPS, 630w CMH, or equivalent LED
Recommended grow medium: expanded clay pebbles

* Grow medium is not included with the system
* 10″ bucket lids hold approx. 8 Liters of grow medium, 6-pot system holds approx. 50 liters of grow medium total, expanded clay pellets recommended
* Reservoir aeration recommended for best results

Big Boy Benefits

The Big Boy’s convenient net pot style lids for its growing sites require less growing medium than other systems. Not only does this save you money on filling up the sites, but also makes cleaning and reusing hydroponic medium much less of a hassle. Additionally, the Big Boy utilizes larger 3.5-gallon, low profile site pots. These 3.5-gallon sites sit the same height as 2-gallon pots and much lower than an ebb & flow table. The higher volume 3.5 gallon pot system allows its owners to grow larger, more robust plants while conserving vertical space! Another advantage that the Big Boy offers is larger 3/4″ high-quality tubing and connectors. Not only does this feature provide faster fill and drain cycles, but it also helps to reduce the chance of the hydroponic medium getting caught in the lines. The larger lines and flexibility of the two Dual Outlet Digital Timers with battery backup, give owners the ability to run well timed, precision flood and drain cycles. The Big Boy also includes water level adjustment, a feature unavailable in many competing systems.

How Ebb & Flow Works

As with many things, the simplicity of the Big Boy Ebb & Flow is its beauty. First, the system works by pumping the nutrient solution in your reservoir through a controller bucket and into the 3.5-gallon bucket sites. This is the flow or flood stage of the irrigation cycle. Next, the solution in the sites and controller bucket rise together and the float valve in the controller bucket stops the flow at the desired level. The root zones of your plants are now being provided the nutrient solution for a prescribed amount of time, usually 10-20 minutes, depending on the phase of your plants’ growth. Finally, when the drain cycle begins, the solution is pumped through the controller bucket and back to the reservoir. This is the ebb or drain stage of the irrigation cycle. After assembling and testing the system simply set the flood and drain cycles to begin delivering life-giving water and nutrients to your plants!

The Big Boy Guarantee

The Big Boy Ebb & Flow Hydroponic System is a perfect illustration of HTG Supply’s goal to help you succeed in indoor gardening. Our aim is to provide you with quality products like the Big Boy Ebb & Flow that not only save you money but also help to reduce the time required for mundane and repetitive tasks in the garden. With the Big Boy Ebb & Flow, there are no complicated and expensive control modules to service or maintain. The system is also backed by a 5-year warranty, and our knowledgeable staff can even make repairs on the spot at your local HTG Supply retail store.



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