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About Hydroponic Grow Kits

Hydroponic gardening systems allow you to grow plants indoors without soil. Whether you are new to hydroponics or an experienced grower, you can use hydroponic grow kits to streamline your setup. 

At HTG Supply, we have a diverse, high-quality selection of hydroponic grow kits for sale to meet all your needs. 

What Are Hydroponic Grow Kits?

A hydroponic grow kit has everything you need for your indoor hydroponic growing operation. A typical kit includes a grow tent, grow lights, and a hydroponic system.

At HTG Supply, we have hydroponic grow kits available in many sizes to fit nearly anywhere in your home. Our kits come with different lighting options, such as LED, T5, CMH and HPS, so you can select the option that works best for your plants and their growth stages. The kits are also available with various hydroponic systems, including ebb and flow, deep water culture, aeroponic and drip systems.

You can also choose to upgrade any of the parts in our hydroponic grow tent kits for customized options.

What Are the Advantages of Hydroponic Grow Kits?

Hydroponic grow kits save you time and money. When you buy a kit, you will receive all of the equipment you need to get your indoor hydroponics garden up and running, and you won't have to spend time shopping for individual parts. At HTG Supply, our hydroponic grow kits are affordably priced for exceptional value.

Our kits also come with essential accessories, like timers and temperature control devices, so you can have full control of your growing environment without spending extra money on add-ons.

You can rest assured that the components will work together to produce better yields with greater efficiency. Whatever type of plant you may be growing, you will find the perfect kit for all growth stages.

Why Buy Hydroponic Grow Kits From HTG Supply?

For complete hydroponic systems with lights, HTG Supply has the kits you are looking for. Our high-quality kits contain every vital part of a hydroponic growing setup in one convenient package, and all of our kits are easy to set up and use for maximum time savings.

HTG Supply gets your kit to you faster than anywhere else. Known as one of the fastest shippers of hydroponic supplies, we ship your products within a day of your order placement. With this speedy shipping, you will receive your kit within a few days so you can get to work on your garden as soon as possible.

If there is a particular feature you want in your kit, let us know and we can try to find it or suggest the best alternative. Our hydroponics experts have the knowledge and experience to help you find everything you need for a successful indoor garden.

HTG Supply also has retail stores in 10 states, so you can stop by to see our selection of kits and other hydroponics products in person.

Whether you shop in-store or online, you will benefit from our extensive inventory of premium supplies at budget-friendly prices.

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