Hydroponic Sprayers and Misters

About Hydroponic Sprayers and Misters

Sprayers and misters are vital accessories in many hydroponic systems. If you are looking for hydroponic misters for sale, HTG Supply has several products from top brands. 

What Are Hydroponic Sprayers and Misters?

Hydroponic sprayers and misters supply water and nutrients to plants in hydroponic systems. They are typically used to foliar feed plants, add humidity to an indoor garden or build a do-it-yourself (DIY) aeroponic cloner. Whatever hydroponic application you have, sprayers and misters give you enhanced control over your watering and feeding systems.

Our Hydroponic Sprayer Equipment for Sale

HTG Supply has numerous hydroponic misters and sprayer kits for sale, including:

Rocket drippers: Rocket drippers are subsurface drip systems that deliver water and nutrients directly to your plants' root zone. They have wings for increased stability, and they come in different stem lengths.

In-line drippers: We sell mini inline drippers that are perfect for watering potted plants. Their small size makes it easy to place them on tubing lines for an optimal watering range.

Basket drip stake with cage: This dripper is ideal for clog-free top watering applications. It also prevents salt buildups in fertilizer.

Clone misters and spinners: These products are used to spray your plants with a fine mist of nutrients. Their highly oxygenated mist output makes them better for cloning applications than regular sprayers.

Sprinklers: A sprinkler is ideal for watering large areas thoroughly and uniformly. You can also use them as components in aeroponic systems.

Micro sprayers: We sell 180-degree and 330-degree micro sprayer replacement pieces for clone and aero machines.

Benefits of DIY Hydroponics

Hydroponic systems offer exceptional, consistent plant growth. They occupy 10 times less room than soil-based crops, making them an excellent choice for an indoor garden. Because you can pack your plants more closely together in a hydroponic system, you can achieve greater yields with less space. Hydroponic systems are also highly sustainable, as they use approximately 20% less water than traditional soil crops.
If you are considering a hydroponic system and want a custom solution, a DIY layout is ideal. When you build a system from scratch, you can select individual parts that work best for your plants.

Whether you need to replace parts or build a complete system, we have all the hydroponics supplies you are looking for. In addition to our selection of sprayers and misters, we also sell:

Fittings and connectors
Air pumps and air stones
Drip irrigation parts
Water pumps
Float valves

Why Buy From HTG Supply?

If you want to buy hydroponic sprayers online, HTG Supply is your go-to source. We have a vast selection of high-quality, affordable hydroponic and indoor garden supplies that you won't find anywhere else. We also offer some of the fastest shipping times with a typical delivery time frame of one to three days.

With store locations in 10 states and more to come, you can visit us to see our selection in person.
Whether you shop in-store or online, you'll find the best hydroponic supplies from HTG Supply.

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