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About Coco Coir

We carry a variety of coco coir products from the most reputable brands in indoor gardening. Brands like CANNA have improved the overall quality of coco coir products for growers. For example, CANNA's production facilities in India use only the freshest water available to soak and rinse the coco coir, which prevents salt and impurities from compromising your product. Get the best deals on coco coir that is produced specifically with your plants' health in mind right here at HTG Supply and skip the pet store!

Coco Coir Uses
Coco coir is one of the most popular soilless grow medium available, used by gardeners around the world as both a growing medium or a soil amendment. Made from compressed coconut husk fibers, coco coir has quickly replaced peat moss in recent years as a soil amendment.

Coco coir can help your plants form strong roots and is often used as a soil conditioner after its initial use as a substrate. Another huge advantage of coco coir is the feeding precision it allows for compared to traditional soil grows.

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