Organic Mechanics Cocodelphia – 2 Cubic Foot



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Professional grade Organic Mechanics Cocodelphia is a triple-washed and buffered pure coco coir that comes ready for use. With its high porosity, Organic Mechanics Cocodelphia provides excellent air-to-water ratio and drainage for outstanding results with any plant that prefers lighter mediums. Cocodelphia features a high cation exchange capacity (CEC) to improve the uptake of fertilizers and nutrients.

Exact volume: 1.76 cu. ft.
100% Organic – Organic Grower Approved!

In stock


Cocodelphia Coco Coir – 2 Cubic Foot

Grow with Organic Mechanics Cocodelphia, a 100% organic premium coco coir growing medium for high-value plants. Cocodelphia offers a neutral to slightly acidic pH and a high cation exchange capacity (CEC) to improve the uptake of nutrients and fertilizers for optimal growth. Add amendments including Biochar, worm castings, and others as desired. Use in any type of container including nursery pots, grow bags, smart pots or air pots. Excellent porosity and drainage create an ideal air-to-water ratio perfect for great results. Grow organic with Cocodelphia coco coir!

Exact volume: 1.76 cu. ft.
Triple-Washed and Buffered
Professional Grade
Low Salt Levels – EC less than 0.7
pH neutral to slightly acidic
High Cation Exchange (CEC) improves fertilizer uptake
Excellent Porosity for optimal water to air ratio
100% Organic – Can be re-used!

Weight 37 lbs


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