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HTG Supply carries hundreds of brands, all used and tested by HTG Supply staff. We are careful to select brands that meet every need of the indoor gardener, so whether you need grow lights, nutrients, soil, or just pair of clippers for your tomatoes, HTG Supply has what you need. Many of the bands we support are household names in hydroponic growing, like General Hydroponics, AgroMax, Advanced Nutrients, Botanicare, Current Culture H2O, and more! Through our retail managers and employees, HTG Supply has investigated and grown with every single product you can find on our site. If it doesn’t work, we don’t sell it. We’re happy to work with some of the best brands in the industry to get you affordable and powerful hydroponic systems, grow lights, soils, odor controls, and accessories. Browse now through our multitude of brands to find exactly what you need, and when you have that check out ourInformation Center to earn more about how to use your products.

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