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About Roots Organics

Roots Organics is a line of premium, organic plant nutrients, soils and growing mediums from industry leader Aurora Innovations. Roots Organics products are made by expert growers, scientists, and doctors using natural ingredients to ensure the highest quality results. 

HTG Supply carries Roots Organics supplies for all kinds of growing needs. Browse our selection today to find the perfect Roots Organics products for your growing operation.

Our Roots Organics Soil and Nutrients for Sale

HTG Supply has many Roots Organics products in our extensive inventory. Our selection includes:

Liquid nutrients and supplements: Roots Organics liquid nutrients and supplements are made from proprietary blends of exceptional organic ingredients that are specifically formulated to enhance soil quality, promote vigorous plant growth, and increase yields. With products for every plant development stage, you can use Roots Organics products for comprehensive feeding. We sell these liquid nutrients and supplements in various sizes and quantities to meet any indoor garden needs.

Dry nutrients and amendments: If you prefer a dry organic nutrient regiment, Roots Organics has the products you are looking for. There are numerous Roots Organics dry nutrients to help you cultivate a heavy yielding garden of healthy plants, from compost teas to organic bloom boosters to beneficial biology products. Use these organic dry nutrients and supplements with Roots Organics soils for a fully organic garden.

Soil and media: Roots Organics premium blend of soils and growing mediums set the industry standard for organic quality. They are made with organic amendments such as guano, humic acid, worm castings and other ingredients that promote superior water retention, drainage and aeration for optimal plant growth. We sell Roots Organics soils in individual and bulk quantities to accommodate a wide range of applications, from hobby gardens to commercial operations

Buy Roots Organics Nutrients for Your Indoor Garden From HTG Supply

HTG Supply has a comprehensive selection of Roots Organics products for sale at budget-friendly prices for unmatched value. You can order Roots Organics products in various quantities, including bulk quantities for commercial growers. If you have a commercial growing business, contact us about our commercial services. We partner with companies to provide essential assistance with everything from order scheduling to facility design.

Smaller operations and hobby gardens also benefit from our expert, attentive service. If you have questions or need advice on your growing operation, you can chat with our experienced team, who will be happy to make suggestions based on your specific needs. You can also browse our online Information Center for vital growing information, tips, and industry updates.

Whatever size garden you may have, you will benefit from our speedy delivery times. We ship all orders within 24 hours, so mmost customers can expect to receive their products in one to three days.

HTG Supply is a one-stop shop for all your indoor garden supply needs. Whether you are looking for a grow tent or pest control products, you will find everything you are looking for in our vast inventory. Shop online or in-store today.

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