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About Hydroponic Nutrients

Did you know plants need the same balanced "diet" of vitamins and minerals as we do? Feeding your hydroponic plants with the proper nutrients is crucial to your indoor garden's livelihood. The right nutrients are essential to help your plants grow successfully with maximum yields. Hydroponic growers have to determine what their garden needs depending on their plants, but many seeds will begin with the same macronutrients.

Your unique nutrient solution provides the food your seeds need to grow and bloom. Each type of nutrient blend can have a different effect on every stage of growth, so we offer a wide range of options. You can browse our selection for anything from conditioners to supplements and see the difference they make.

At HTG Supply, we have premium nutrients for hydroponic gardens made by industry-leading brands that you know and trust. We also carry nutrients for all stages of plant development, so you can be sure there is a solution for every application.

Advantages of Hydroponic Nutrients in Your Garden

Plants need to feed on more than air, water and light. Adding nutrients to your reservoir or water supply will give your seeds the minerals soil usually provides — and more. One of the most critical parts of feeding your grow room and expanding your harvest is creating a nutrient solution.

Here are a few benefits of using various hydroponic nutrients in your grow room:

  • Increased growth: Certain enhancers or supplements can both improve your plants' growth and quicken the process. The beneficial vitamins, bacteria and minerals can work wonders on your garden's progress.
  • Ingredient management: Many experienced growers make compost teas or nutrient solutions based on their system's needs. Your ability to control what your seeds absorb creates healthier plants and stronger results.
  • Necessary minerals: With hydroponics, your plants need to get their nutrients from somewhere. The absence of soil creates a need for essential minerals like calcium and nitrogen. Most growers use several nutrients, conditioners and enhancers for best results.
  • Pest control: Many hydroponic nutrients are made to build tolerance to pests and plant diseases. A concentrated nutrient solution including these additives in your reservoir can help to prevent damage from bugs, algae, mold and disease so you can grow effectively. Plus, a soilless system already attracts fewer pests and invasive species.
  • Plant health and strength: In certain stages, you can add supplements or enhancers for stronger roots, thicker cell walls and better blooms. These are powerful additions to your nutrient solution and can drastically improve your final product.

Our Soil & Hydroponic Nutrients for Sale

Hydroponic gardeners may choose different nutrients for each growth stage. You can learn more here about what each hydroponic nutrient can do for your garden.

Our nutrients for hydroponic systems and container gardening include:

  • All-organic: Our all-organic products are certified by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) or listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), ensuring their quality. We carry brands such as Advanced Nutrients, General Organics, Down to Earth and other leading nutrient manufacturers.
  • Base nutrients: Base nutrients include potassium, phosphorous, nitrogen and micronutrients that are vital to growing healthy, high-yielding plants. We sell one-, two- and three-part base nutrients to meet all your requirements.
  • Conditioners: This class of nutrients adjusts soil states and reservoirs for better nutrient absorption, soil health and clean systems. Our conditioner products include humic and fulvic, pH down and pH up, enzymes, mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria.
  • Supplements: Growers feed supplements to plants to maintain their health and correct soil deficiencies and nutrient schedules. Our selection of supplements includes foliar sprays, calcium magnesium, amino acids and vitamins, seaweeds and kelps, silica and organic supplements.
  • Enhancers: Unlike supplements, which focus on plant growth, enhancers are specifically designed for plants’ flowering stage. They are made with formulas proven to enhance floral success. We sell enhancers made by leading nutrient brands. Our enhancer products include bloom boosters, flower gardeners, flushes, organic enhancers, sweeteners and root boosters.

Why Buy Nutrients for Hydroponic Gardens From HTG Supply?

Our carefully curated selection of plant nutrients consists of high-quality products at affordable prices for a great value. Our inventory is extensive, so you are sure to find all the nutrient options you are looking for.

If you are not sure which nutrients would be best for your plants, we have many helpful resources available through our online Information Center, including articles on soil and nutrients. You can also contact us to get in touch with our growing experts, who will be happy to provide advice and make suggestions based on your specific requirements.

When you buy hydroponic nutrients online from HTG Supply, you will receive your products within a few days. We are one of the fastest indoor garden supply shippers in the country, so we ship all orders within 24 hours. That way, you can get what you need as soon as possible.

If you live in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Oklahoma, Maine, Florida, Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina or Pennsylvania, stop by one of our retail stores to see our inventory in person and chat with our friendly and knowledgeable staff about your needs. HTG Supply is one of the fastest-growing indoor garden supply stores nationwide, so check our website for updates as we add new store locations.

Whether you shop our online store or visit us in person, you will find exceptional products and receive attentive service for an unbeatable shopping experience.

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