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About Water Pumps

HTG Supply has a full inventory of high-quality hydroponic water pumps. Whether you need a modest setup for your home or a professional setup for a commercial application, we have the water pump options you need for any hydroponic growing system. 

What Is a Hydroponic Water Pump?

A hydroponic water pump plays a crucial role in your hydroponic system. It is responsible for circulating the nutrients in the reservoir and moving them from the reservoir to your plants.

There are three main types of general hydroponic water pumps:

Submersible hydroponic water pump: Submersible pumps are water-cooled units placed directly in the reservoir's water. They use fittings and hoses to pump water throughout the system. Submersible pumps are ideal for hobby growers with small-scale gardens that don't require as much power as larger setups.

Inline hydroponic water pump: Inline pumps are air-cooled units that are placed outside of the water tank. Inline pumps typically offer the most power, which makes them an excellent choice for large-scale systems.

Sump pump: A sump pump is specifically designed for use with sump systems, which collect water runoff. They help move water between tanks, mix nutrients, and oxygenate the water for improved quality and consistency.

What Type of Hydroponic Water Pump Do I Need?

The type of hydroponic water pump you need depends on the size of your garden and the type of hydroponic system you use. For example, an ebb and flow hydroponic system require a higher pump volume than a more straightforward nutrient film technique (NFT) setup.

You will also need to know how many gallons per hour (GPH) you want to move and your system's head height to choose the correct pump size. It is typically better to buy a pump that is larger than what you think you may need. If the pump is bigger than necessary, you always have the option to reduce its water flow. If the pump is too small, you can't move more water volume than it is built to accommodate.

If you need help choosing the right hydroponic water pump to use with your system, our growing experts can help. They have the knowledge and experience to find the perfect solution for whatever your indoor garden requirements may be. If you have a specific pump in mind that you can't find, we can try to track it down for you or suggest an alternative solution.

Why Buy Your Hydroponic Water Pump From HTG Supply? 

At HTG Supply, we carry the best indoor gardening hydroponic water pumps from AgroMax, EZ-Clone, Supreme Hydroponics and other leading brands. These pumps offer enhanced energy efficiency and reliable performance to help you achieve optimal plant growth.

When you order from HTG Supply, you will receive your water pump fast thanks to our efficient shipping process. As one of the fastest shippers of hydroponic supplies, we do our best to make sure our customers get the products they need as soon as they need them.

Shop online or visit one of our retail stores to browse our extensive supply inventory.

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