Carbon Filter & Fan Combos

About Carbon Filter & Fan Combos

Our selection of carbon filter fan combo systems are the best way to keep those funny smells from leaving the grow room.

If you are concerned with odor control in your grow room, you will be extremely satisfied with our carbon filter fan combos. Carbon filters literally remove odor particles from the air and trap them within the unit, resulting in drastically reduced odors in your grow environment.


Our GrowBright carbon filter fan combos are the real deal! You won’t find anything but genuine activated carbon in these filter combos, as opposed to the questionable materials you’ll find in cheap or DIY filters online.

GrowBright also offers an extensive collection of carbon filters, with fans in four-inch, six-inch and eight-inch sizes. Six-inch fans are most popular, as they work for your average-sized home garden of about 200 cubic feet. If your garden is on the small side or you only manage a couple of grow tents, you'll save some money and space by choosing a four-inch fan. Industrial operations might invest in a couple of eight-inch fans to cover their entire grow house.

Other Filter Options

We also offer several additional types of odor room carbon filter fans. Take a look at our other carbon filter fan options for neutralizing room odors. These filters are more standardized, with only six-inch options:

  • FloroFresh: This brand takes things a step further by adding a UV-C lamp and multiple layers of filtration to its germicidal carbon filter kit.
  • PureScrub: These UV light systems integrate well into already-existing filtration systems, adding extra germ-killing power that can neutralize garden contaminates.
  • Can: Can filters use superfine virgin charcoal to filter out odor particles up to 18 months per filter.

Tips for Installing Your Carbon Filter Fan

Once you have the fan you need, there are a few things to keep in mind as you begin the installation process:

  • Do the math: A bit of math is involved to ensure you have the best filtration process for your plant. You'll need to determine the exact area of your grow tent or house, and from that, you can learn how much air your filter needs to extract every hour. Generally, this is around 40-60 times for smaller areas and 20-30 times for large ones.
  • Prep your filter: Be sure to follow any preparation instructions and firmly secure your setup so there are no leaks in the system, which can render it useless.
  • Clean your filter: Cleaning your filter is essential to keeping it in working order. You'll probably need to inspect your pre-filter about once a month. Take it out of the grow room, rinse it and dry it or machine wash it. You might also consider using a vacuum cleaner for quick cleaning of surface dust in between washing.
  • Replace your filter: Most filters can last for about a year to a year and a half. Using the filter beyond this time can cause irritants to be recirculated and lower the effectiveness of your grow house.

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HTG Supply's collection of carbon filter and fan combos is unmatched, just like our quick shipping times. HTG Supply only employs experts in indoor growing and botanicals because we know how important it is for you to get the right supplies for every plant you grow and we take the responsibility of stocking them seriously.

Your plants may surprise you with distinct odors, space needed and production yield. HTG Supply has everything you need to stay on top of them, from inline duct fans to nutrient-rich soils. Start shopping today and build your dream grow house today!

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