4×8 grow tents are ideal for gardeners that want a good, large indoor garden. A 4×8 area gives you about 32ft of pure growing space, about the size of an outdoor raised bed! With that much area,
4×8 grow tents require anywhere between 1200-2000w of HID lighting, two dual bulb 630w CMH, or 800-1600 true watts of LED lighting. They can hold 32 small potting containers, 20 medium potting containers, or 8 large potting containers. Grow everything you need for a salad, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, or anything you can dream up that comes in a seed.
4×8 grow tents protect your plants from disruptive outdoor light and create a micro-climate to maintain and control heat and humidity. With some ventilation, a light, and a hydroponic system, you’ll be up and growing in no time. Shop now across our many brands of 4×8 grow tents!