Small Hydro Systems

About Small Hydro Systems

If you're looking to start a hydroponic garden, we sell an array of small hydroponic systems designed for beginners. These hydroponic systems are easily manageable, and many of them are designed for plants to be added and swapped out whenever you like. Find the best hydroponic system for your operation at HTG Supply.

Hydroponics for Beginners

Hydroponic growing systems are designed to deliver nutrients through the water instead of through soil. There are several different types of hydroponic systems, including the ebb and flow system and deep water culture system. Beginners should try low-maintenance hydroponic systems like deep water cultures.

Compared to plants grown in soil, hydroponic agriculture yields faster and higher returns. With a controlled lighting and nutrient environment, plants thrive and bear more fruit. Hydroponic systems save space compared to soil systems and have less water waste, pests and diseases. Hydroponics works best for water-loving vegetables like lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Finding the Right Small Hydroponic System

We offer several small hydroponic systems for sale that are perfect for the beginning grower.

Bubble Boy Series

Our Bubble Boy systems are an affordable and easy introduction into hydroponic growing. With a Bubble Boy Single Shot DWC, you'll have a professional-grade hydroponic system for one plant. If you're looking to accommodate smaller plants, our Bubble Boy Four Banger DWC accommodates four small plants in a 3.5-5.5 gallon system. These deep water culture systems will reliably deliver nutrients through the dual outlet air pump.

Under Current Series 

If you have limited space, the Under Current series provides small, self-contained systems with an attached air pump, diffuser and drain valve. This entirely self-maintained system only needs to be plugged in and fed nutrients to keep going. Made of durable construction material, you can't go wrong with Under Current.

Sunleaves Garden of Ease

This compact hydroponic system has four slots so you can grow kitchen plants indoors. With the Sunleaves Garden of Ease, you can keep your tables stocked with homegrown veggies, herbs and spices.

AutoPot Easy2Grow 2 Pot System

This miniature ebb and flow system mimics the natural wet and dry cycles of nature. The AutoPot Easy2Grow is an ebb and flow system small enough to fit anywhere!

Emily's Garden

With a terracotta-colored reservoir and six pots, Emily's Garden is great for beginners who want an aesthetically pleasing hydroponic system. This 16" x 24" x 6" system can fit on shelves, windowsill booths and anywhere else you want to spruce up with greenery.

JetFlo Econo 2′ X 2′

The JetFlo Econo is an ebb and flow hydroponic system designed for those who are interested in trying the method. This compact ebb and flow system will fit anywhere in your home and comes with a pump, tray and reservoir.

CropKing Series

Each CropKing NFT4-6 is a miniature rig that is just like those used by commercial manufacturers. Each CropKing NFT 4-6 System is built to order and has a total of 36 planting pots. The square system is designed to fit well under a square lighting rig.

Shop Small Hydroponics Systems for Sale at HTG Supply

Our inventory includes a variety of small hydroponic systems to support your home growing operation. Browse our products and place your order today!


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