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About Plant Cloning Equipment

If you want to preserve the genetics of your favorite plant, you need high-quality cloning systems to achieve your goals. At HTG Supply, we carry all the equipment you need to grow seeds and clones successfully. From kits to hydroponic supplies, there is an option for any cloning operation.

Our Plant Cloning Equipment for Sale

We sell plant cloning and seed starting supplies to support the earliest stages of plant growth.

Cloning Supplies
Cloning allows gardeners to make exact genetic copies of a specific plant to sustain a particular strain or breed for years to come. Our selection of cloning supplies includes:

Gels and solutions: Gels are applied directly to plant cuttings to provide nutrients and hormones that promote growth. Solutions can be misted or sprayed on cuttings and clones to encourage rapid growth with minimal stress.

EZ-Clone: EZ-Clone products set the industry standard for aeroponic cloning. We sell EZ-Clone systems that come complete with foam collars, pumps and reservoirs. We also carry replacement parts for your current setup.

Foam clone collars: These collars can be used in an EZ-Clone system, HTG Supply's eight-site cloner, or a do-it-yourself (DIY) setup. They are designed for easy plant insertion, and they are available in various colors for more efficient sorting.

Plant cloning kits: We sell cloning kits that come with all the supplies you need to build an indoor or hydroponic cloning setup.

Hydroponic cloning supplies: If you would prefer a DIY hydroponic cloning setup, we sell individual components so you can pick and choose the supplies you want to use.

Seed Starting Supplies
HTG Supply carries the growing mediums and containers you need for your seed starting operation. We have seed starter kits to eliminate any guesswork about what supplies you need and provide everything in one convenient package. We also have individual components such as seed starting trays, plugs, and Rockwool starters if you need replacements or want a DIY setup.

Plant Propagation Supplies
Every growing operation requires quality equipment to jumpstart your plant growth. HTG Supply carries a wide selection of supplies such as domes, heat mats, scalpels, trays, and starter nutrients that allow you to start growing seedlings and clones without having to plant them in their final containers.

Propagation Lights
Fluorescent lights and LED's work best for propagation environments. They don't generate a lot of heat, which means they can be used in tight spaces. We sell T5 fluorescent grow lights in various spectrums, as well as full-spectrum, LED fixtures so you can find the right fit for your specific needs. We also have light stands to hang your light fixtures from.

Why Buy Plant Cloning Equipment From HTG Supply?

When you buy plant cloning systems from HTG Supply, you will benefit from our vast selection of premium quality, affordable products. You will also benefit from our fast shipping turnaround times and attentive service for an exceptional shopping experience. If you have any questions, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to lend their expertise to help you find the right solution. Shop online or visit us in-store today.

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