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About Hydroponic Tubing

If you are building a do-it-yourself (DIY) hydroponic system, tubing is a must-have component. HTG Supply has a range of premium hydroponic tubing for sale so you can find the perfect size and length for your system.

What Is Hydroponic Tubing?

Tubes are one of the main features of any hydroponic system. They transport water and nutrients to your plants so they can grow properly. High-quality hydroponic tubing will stand up to any application without leaking or kinking.

Our Hydroponic Tubing Systems for Sale

At HTG Supply, we carry tubes that are perfect for any hydroponic system. Our selection includes:

Sunleaves tubing: We sell Sunleaves black tubing for hydroponic systems in different thickness and length options to meet all your needs. Sunleaves tubes are resilient, and their black color prevents algae buildup within the line.
Clear Air tubing: This clear vinyl tubing attaches to your air pump for increased oxygenation in your system. The material is strong, yet easy to cut. Because the tubing is clear, it is also easier to locate line disruptions.
FloraFlex tubing: Made from premium, food-grade vinyl, this tubing has the strength and flexibility you need for your application.
Raindrip tubing: You can use this black vinyl tubing as a supply and feeder line to any drip and low-flow watering device.

Advantages of DIY Hydroponics

When you set up an indoor garden, there are many reasons to consider a hydroponic system. Indoor gardens are typically located in smaller spaces compared to crops grown outdoors. Hydroponic systems are perfect for tighter indoor areas, as they have the ability to take up about 10 times less room than soil-based crops.

The space may be smaller, but the growth is tremendous. Because plants are densely packed in a hydroponic system, you will achieve greater yields. Hydroponic systems also use 20% less water than soil systems for highly sustainable growth.

If you want to customize your hydroponic system to your plants' exact needs, a DIY design is a perfect choice. Rather than setting up your growing operation to fit a specific system, you can buy individual pieces of equipment to make the parts work for you.

At HTG Supply, we have everything you need to build a DIY hydroponic system. You can choose from our tubing options as well as:

Fittings and connectors
Water pumps
Air pumps and air stones
Sprayers and misters
Drip irrigation parts
Float valves

Why Buy Hydroponic Tubing From Us?

If you are looking to buy hydroponic tubing online, you'll find all the best options from HTG Supply. We are a one-stop shop for hydroponic gardening supplies, and we have an extensive inventory of products. We are also one of the fastest shippers in the business. All orders ship within 24 hours of placement for delivery in one to three days within the continental United States.

We also have retail stores in ten states, so you can stop by and see our selection in person if you live nearby. However you choose to shop, you can count on HTG Supply for exceptional products at affordable prices.

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