AgroMax Premium 1/4″ Black Vinyl Tubing

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AgroMax premium 1/4" black vinyl tubing can be used for a wide variety of hydroponic applications. Its specialized soft vinyl material makes it much easier to work with than standard tubing. Use this tubing in the grow room or greenhouse for drip irrigation, hydroponic lines, aeration lines and more.

  • Choose from 50' or 100' roll size
  • 1/4" OD, 3/16" ID
  • Material: soft vinyl

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AgroMax .25″ Black Vinyl Tubing

AgroMax 1/4″ tubing is specially designed for use in indoor gardens and greenhouses. Made of extra soft vinyl material, AgroMax premium hydroponic tubing is easier to connect and disconnect than standard vinyl tubing, which reduces the risk of damaging equipment when replacing tubing and helps to make jobs that involve many connections go much quicker. Choose AgroMax premium vinyl tubing and save time and frustration on your next project!

  • Color: black / opaque
  • Applications: drip irrigation, hydroponic lines, aeration, nutrient mixing systems
  • 1/4″ OD, 3/16″ ID
  • Material: soft vinyl



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