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About Grow Room Control Systems

Every indoor grow room requires close monitoring to create an ideal environment for your plants. From timing your grow lights to regulating the humidity in your space, there are many elements that gardeners must attend to.

Control systems are helpful tools that can automatically make adjustments so you can create a thriving indoor garden.

Our Control Systems for Grow Rooms

At HTG Supply, we carry grow tent control systems with everything you need to take control of your grow area.

Grow Room Controllers
We sell high-tech controllers with advanced monitoring and automation capabilities, including:

CO2 controllers: These controllers help gardeners regulate CO2 levels in their growing areas, which is essential for improving plant yields in hydroponic gardens.

Fan controllers: Fan controllers raise or reduce airflow and help to achieve the right heat and humidity levels.

Grow light controllers: These controllers regulate grow light cycles and automatically dim or brighten based on the room's light, humidity, and heat levels.

Temperature and humidity controllers: Temperature and humidity controllers automatically activate the air conditioning system in your hydroponic garden.

Meters, Testers, and Monitors
We have meters, testers, and monitors for sale from top brands, including Bluelab and Hanna Instruments. Our selection includes:

Calibration and care solutions: You can use these solutions to ensure your meter is providing accurate readings. They are made with traceable chemicals in a controlled environment by trained personnel for exceptional quality and consistency.

pH meters and testers: We sell wall-mounted and handheld meters for quick, accurate pH measurements. pH levels are crucial in hydroponic gardens, as they affect which elements are available to your plants.

Total dissolved solids (TDS), part per million (PPM) and electrical conductivity (EC) meters: These meters are used to measure the level of nutrients in your solution to ensure you have a well-fed, properly flushed crop.

Thermometers and hygrometers: These tools measure temperature so you can identify and correct issues before heat stress, mold and other problems set in.

Whether you need to switch fans on and off, cycle your grow lights or run your hydroponic system, timers are a simple yet effective tool for controlling power flow. We sell standard 120-volt timers and 240-volt timers for high-voltage lights. We also have digital timers, which are ideal for regulating systems over several weeks.

If your system needs power beyond a standard 24-hour cycle, cycle timers are the best choice. They can be programmed in precise intervals as low as 10 seconds and as high as 99 hours. We also sell power strips and high yield timers for powering multiple devices in your grow room.

Why Buy Grow Room Control Systems From HTG Supply?

HTG Supply has a comprehensive selection of control systems for grow tents and grow rooms. Whatever you are growing, you will find the monitoring devices you need to create an environment that promotes lush, healthy plant growth.

HTG Supply is also a one-stop-shop for indoor and hydroponic garden supplies. We sell essential equipment for a successful growing operation, whether you are looking for a new grow tent or the right nutrients.

Order online and receive your items in just a few days, or stop by one of our retail stores to shop in-store.

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