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Saucers and Trays

Plant saucers and nursery trays for indoor gardens are the perfect solutions for catching water runoff. At HTG Supply, we carry trays and saucers in a wide range of shapes and sizes so you can find the right fit for your unique growing setup.

Our Indoor Garden Trays and Saucers

Our selection of indoor garden trays and saucers includes:

Nursery trays: Nursery trays for indoor gardens can be used for many different growing applications, including seed starting and cloning. The trays have a flat design that allows them to fit easily in various systems. There also have raised ridges on the bottom of these trays to keep seedlings out of standing water. HTG Supply carries plastic trays for gardening from top brands like AgroMax and HydroTek that are sturdily constructed and designed to keep plants well-irrigated.

HydroTek’s Xtrays are made with high-impact ABS plastic for an unmatched level of durability. This type of plastic can easily withstand temperature fluctuations and the wear and tear of everyday use.

Plant saucers: Plant saucers are ideal for containing runoff from your plants to maintain a cleaner growing environment. Our selection includes square farmer pot elevators, which are elevated plant saucers that keep plants from sitting in standing water for optimal drainage and plant health. We also sell heavy-duty saucers that withstand heavy water flow and clear vinyl saucers that work best with small indoor pots.

Rockwool trays: These longer trays are specifically designed for hydroponic systems that use Grodan Rockwool as a substrate. They work best in drip and ebb and flow systems, and they have a molded construction for enhanced durability. Rockwool is a pH-stable planting media made from stone that is furnace-blasted and then spun. It provides an excellent balance of water and oxygen in the root zone for optimal plant growth.

Why Order From HTG Supply?

HTG Supply is your one-stop shop for indoor garden supplies. In addition to saucers and flood trays for nurseries, we also sell grow tents, indoor grow lights, variousnutrients and other essential products for your growing operation. All of the supplies we carry are high-quality and affordable for an outstanding value you won’t find at other supply stores.

Our selection is extensive, and we regularly add more products to our inventory to ensure you have access to all the latest and greatest hydroponic and indoor gardening supplies. If you have a specific brand or product in mind, contact our team and we can try to track it down for you or suggest the best alternative.

Once you find the right supplies and place your order, you’ll typically receive your items within one to three days, thanks to our speedy shipping process.

If you live in Maryland, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, Pennsylvania or Michigan, you can stop by one of our retail store locations. Visiting us in person gives you the chance to see our products up close and chat with our expert staff.

Whether you visit us online or in-store, you’ll find all the supplies you need at HTG Supply.

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