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About Hydroponic Containers

Hydroponic systems come in many shapes and many sizes, different systems have different requirements and containers they put to use. If your garden needs a flood table, no problem. Buckets and net pots, we’ve got those too. Reservoirs, you don’t even have to ask.

Containers are crucial to every hydroponic system. They support plant roots, retain water for plants to feed and serve as the basis for your media, lids and net pots. Commonly made from hard plastic, containers are durable, long lasting elements to hydro systems. Shop now for the bucket that fits your kit, and get growing today with HTG Supply.

Which Types of Hydroponic Containers Does Your Garden Need?

From buckets to plastic pots, hydroponic containers can help manage your grow mediums and water supply. Because hydroponic gardening is soilless and reuseable, it requires this equipment to help your seeds grow from year to year. Are you missing a flood table or replacing a bucket for your deep water culture system? We've got you covered.

Here are the different types of containers we provide for your hydro system:

  • Buckets: Buckets are simple and effective units to begin your planting. Each is made with stiff, durable plastic to keep your plants' roots safe and last for years to come. A second bucket can even be helpful when you're changing the water supply in your current DWC system. Many growers keep a stock of plastic buckets on hand in case needed.
  • Flood tables and trays: Ebb and flow hydro gardeners need flood trays to hold their plants and effectively fill and drain water. Our wide selection of these containers can fit large or small grow systems, depending on your needs. We also carry bulkhead kits to connect multiple reservoirs if needed.
  • Hydroponic net pots: Net pots are often found alongside bucket or DWC systems for easy transferring and ample root growth. These mesh plastic pots hold anything from grow stones to clay pebbles and can be reused with the rest of your equipment.
  • Reservoirs and tanks: Your reservoir or tank space is where you can ensure the best water quality for your plants. Our large-scale containers can store your nutrient solution and transfer water to your plants when needed. We provide sizes up to 105-gallon tanks so your grow room can be well-stocked with everything it needs in one place.

Restock on Your Favorite Hydroponic Containers From HTG Supply

Whether a beginner or professional, a grower like you always needs replacement or restock containers. At HTG Supply, we provide the most durable and practical system equipment. We are your one-stop shop for hydroponic materials, so explore today!

We are one of the fastest indoor garden supply shippers in the country, so we will get your order out as soon as possible. In fact, we ship within 24 hours of every order. If you want to learn more about our products or hydroponic gardening, check out our information center. For questions, connect with us online or visit one of our retail store locations.

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