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About CMH | LEC Ballasts

Metal Halide grow lights, including LEC grow lights and other ceramic discharge metal halide (CDM) systems, are quickly becoming the preferred HID of many growers thanks to their superior horticultural spectrum and exceptional efficiency vs conventional HPS/MH grow lights. Unique CMH characteristics provide extended lumen maintenance and deliver outstanding PAR/watt or PPF performance that allows systems like 315w CMH & LEC grow lights to produce more growing power at a lower wattage. With the added benefits of beneficial ultraviolet (UV), high 90+ CRI, and improved color stability, CMH grow lights are an excellent choice for virtually any growing application, home or commercial. Better spectrum decreased power bill and less maintenance, need we say more..? Browse our great selection of CMH systems and supplies below for the best deals on cutting edge CMH grow light technology that will produce better yielding, higher quality harvests!

Q: CMH, CDM, LEC Grow Lights – What's the difference?

A: Actually, these are all just different terms used for ceramic metal halide grow lights. Light emitting ceramic (LEC) is simply a manufacturer-specific line of ceramic metal halide (CMH) grow lights, while CMH is the general term for this type of light. The abbreviation of CDM stands for ‘ceramic discharge metal halide', which is just an extended version of CMH. All of these terms refer to systems that operate bulbs with a specialized ceramic composite arc tube construction. Ceramic arc tubes sustain a higher temperature than the quartz/PCA tubes of standard HID grow light bulbs, which expands CMH output and operational capabilities. This key factor allows CMH bulbs to be formulated with a better mixture of the materials that determine spectral output/color for a more natural, plant growth-targeted spectrum.

Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Light Terms

As we mentioned above, there are a lot of names and acronyms being used to described what is essentially the same technology used in Ceramic Metal Halide grow lights.

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