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About Water Quality Control

We all get our H2O from somewhere and for those growers using municipal taps or bleak groundwater, testing and correcting water issues is the first step in addressing issues in your garden. Water quality is important to your plants and knowing the pH and TDS of your source water is a great step towards mastering your indoor gardening skill.

Just as you filter the water you drink, your plants need the same quality to grow safely and happily. Hydroponics experts know how important your water's pH is, so treat your plants with clean, stable water. The results will be remarkable when you have a balanced water supply.

Whether you need a meter to measure, an RO system to clean and purify, a chiller to keep those temperatures down, or just some pH Up and Down, HTG Supply has you what your water needs to succeed. Discover our assortment of water quality control systems to try with your hydro garden today!

Types of Water Quality Control Methods

Water systems can range based on your control needs and hydroponics method. Most growers will use at least one of our control supplies, and many use all three types. Here are the three ways you can maintain your water supply:

  • Filtration systems: Some minerals in your water can be helpful to your plants, so a water filter gets rid of only the ones that might harm their growth. From sediment to chlorine, certain materials in your water can prevent your plants from growing to their fullest. A filtration system removes impurities so you can experience the best results.
  • Water chillers and heaters: Your water reservoir needs to maintain a specific temperature for proper growth. Plants prefer a water temperature between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Water chillers or heaters help your system adapt to extreme weather in the summer or winter.
  • Testing and monitoring: Issues with pH or total dissolved solids (TDS) in your water supply are always preventable. Testing and monitoring your water for minerals lets you advance your growing process. An investment in pH, calibration or cleaning solutions can alter your water and create a better nutrient supply for your seeds to absorb.

Manage Your Water Systems With Help From HTG Supply

Your hydroponics system's success depends on the way you manage it. All plants need "food" to keep them healthy, and a clean water supply can be the basis for your balanced nutrient solution. From filters to heaters, you can tailor your hydro garden's water to be perfect and become an advanced grower in the process.

At HTG Supply, we carry the best water quality control systems and get them to you fast. We are the quickest indoor garden supply shippers in the country, so we pack your order within 24 hours of placement.

To get started, browse our options for water quality equipment and learn more about industry methods from our information center. If you want to speak with a professional grower, you can reach out to us online or visit one of our retail locations.

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