Complete Systems

Complete grow lights are excellent for all-in-one lighting applications. With a variety of lighting options like LED, Ceramic Metal Halide, High-Intensity Discharge, Fluorescent, and more, our collection of complete systems can fit any indoor gardening application. Growers looking for plug-and-play indoor lighting have come to the right place. With our complete system, little to no setup is required, just hang your light, set your timer, and let the light operate.
Complete Grow Light Systems provide several advantages over DIY or component kits. They are ready to use out of the box, designed for minimal setup and assembly, and are excellent for primary lighting sources. Ready to use out of the box means you can start your garden the same day you pick up a system. With minimal assembly required, these kits let you focus on what you really care for, your plants! Primary lighting is key to successful grows, and our complete kits provide powerful luminary technology to push your plants to the next level. Shop now for a variety of complete systems.