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Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for your grow room lighting needs? HTG Supply has a large inventory of full grow light systems for sale that include everything you need to get your indoor garden up and running with minimal setup time.

Types of Indoor Grow Light Systems

At HTG Supply, we carry several different types of complete grow light systems, including:

Ceramic Metal Halide

These systems offer exceptional horticultural spectrum capabilities and outstanding photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) or photosynthetic active radiation (PAR)/watt performance that allows your system to produce more growing power with lower wattage. Ceramic metal halide systems provide excellent harvest quality and are an ideal choice for home or commercial applications.

HPS and MH

High-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) grow lights are classified as high-intensity discharge lights because of the high quantity of light output they produce. MH lights give off crisp white wavelengths preferential for vegetative growth, while HPS lights have a higher concentration of red wavelengths that are better for the flowering phase. Many indoor gardeners begin with an MH system and later switch to an HPS system.

Double-Ended HPS and MH

Double-ended HPS and MH lights are just like their single-ended counterparts, except they are much brighter. The enhanced brightness makes them ideal for promoting vegetable growth and for use during blooming, fruiting and flowering production. Double-ended HPS lights can increase yields by as much as 50%, making them an incredibly popular choice with growers. They are also long-lasting and energy-efficient for a great value.


These are some of the most efficient systems, offering enhanced PAR light spectrums to provide your indoor garden with precisely what it needs for immense growth while generating less heat for better energy savings. HTG Supply carries LED grow light systems in various spectrum designs and wattages for everything from flowering to cloning.


Induction lights offer outstanding longevity. They can last more than 100,000 hours on a single bulb, and they are also completely sealed because of their electrode-less design. We have induction light systems available in various wattages and spectrums to accommodate vegetative growth and flowering for any plant.


T5 grow light systems come with a fluorescent lighting fixture and your choice of bloom, grow or other specialty bulbs. You can use them for any stage of plant growth, and they are available in a wide range of wattages and configurations.

Benefits of Complete Grow Light Systems

If you need to set up grow light systems indoors, opting for a complete system is an excellent time-saving option. Complete systems are ready to use right out of the box, so you can get your garden up and running on the same day you receive your system. They also require minimal assembly for a quick and streamlined installation process. All of our indoor grow light systems include powerful luminary technology that will increase the yields and quality of your harvest.

To find out more about our full grow light systems for sale or get help with a customized solution, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.

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GrowBright 1000w HPS Double Ended Bulb
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HTG Supply 4' 2 Lamp T5 LED Light
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Htg T5 Grow Light 4 Foot 4 Lamp
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HTG Supply 2' 2-Lamp T5 Grow Light
HTG Supply 2 Foot 2 Lamp High Output T5 Fixture
(1 customer review)
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Htg Supply 4 2 Lamp T5 Bloom Led Light
HTG Supply 4' 2 Lamp T5 Bloom LED Light
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SlimStar 4 Foot 8 Lamp High Output T5 Fluorescent
Htg T5 Grow Light 2 Foot 4 Lamp
HTG Supply 2 Foot 4 Lamp High Output T5 Fixture
Led T5 Grow Light 4 Foot 4 Bulb
HTG Supply 4' 4 Lamp T5 LED Light
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AgroMax Strip Light - LED Tri-Band
Growbright Nano T5 W Box
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1000W De Grow Light Digital Greenhouse Free Ship
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