AgroMax 4 Foot T5 LED Bulbs – 6400K

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The AgroMax 4' T5 LED bulbs are direct plug-and-play replacement T5 LED grow lights for standard 54-watt T5 bulbs. With a brighter 5200 lumen output and a power draw of only 41 watts, the AgroMax T5 LED bulb is more efficient than standard fluorescent T5 bulbs. Use this T5 LED grow light to easily equip standard 4' T5 grow lights with LED technology for reduced power consumption, improved spectrum, and longer lamp life. - Convert your existing T5 fixture into a new LED grow light with a simple bulb swap. - 41 watt power draw with a 5,200 lumen output. - Works well for seed starting, cloning, and vegetative plants  

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AgroMax 4′ T5 LED Bulb – 6400K

Upgrade your T5 grow lights with higher-efficiency, longer-lasting AgroMax T5 LED bulbs to boost growing power and save money! AgroMax 4′ T5 LED bulbs are a direct-fit, plug-and-play replacement for any 4’ T5 lamp (F54T5HO) and are quick, easy and safe to use. Simply install into the sockets just like any ordinary T5 lamp – no need to change the ballast or make any fixture modifications. The bright white light is incredibly efficient with a cooler operating temperature than fluorescent T5’s and uses only 41 watts per lamp (compared to 54w per 4’ T5 fluorescent lamp). A unique design provides a perfectly uniform light spread with 5,200 lumens of high PAR value plant-satisfying light. Built-in aluminum heat sinks optimize LED operation while also extending service time with a 50,000+ hour extended lifespan to reduce waste. Upgrade your T5 fixture with the power and efficiency of LED’s now in one easy step with AgroMax T5 LED bulbs!

The AgroMax T5 LED bulb is the ideal solution for growers who want the advantages of LED lighting but have or prefer to use T5 lighting fixtures. Requires a T5 light fixture for use – provides effective lighting for the full growth cycle and especially ideal for vegetative growth. AgroMax LED T5 are mercury-free and environmentally friendly.

*Requires a T5 light fixture for use

AgroMax 4′ 6400K T5 LED Bulb Features & Specs

  • Measures exactly: 45.75″ Long, 0.625″ Diameter (T5)
  • Electrical: 41 watts – .34amp @ 120v (ea.)
  • 5200 lumens
  • 160 high-efficiency chips
  • Spectrum: 6400K full-spectrum
  • Low heat – 20% less than fluorescent F54T5
  • 50,000+ hour lifespan
  • Mercury-free and 100% recyclable
  • Shatterproof construction
  • 1-year warranty


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  1. dwasler (verified owner)

    Highly recommend!

    Purchase to replace my Sunblaster T5 6400K 4 ft, they’re brighter than Sunblaster T5 6400K 4 ft!

    Have 40 Hrs in Sunblaster T5 4 ft fixture, no issues!

    I’m very impressed with the amount of effort in packaging for shipping!

  2. bronte (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough good things about these lights! I always grew microgreens under AgroBrite T5 fluorescent grow lights (6400K) because I could never find an LED that was as bright. I tried many brands of LED’s and my plants didn’t like them. The quality just wasn’t there. I finally came across HTG Supply and found these lights. What I was immediately drawn to was the fact that I could replace all my fluorescent tubes with these and not change the fixtures. That was a huge plus and saved money. So I ordered some and quickly noticed that these LED’s were brighter and better than the fluorescent bulbs. They’re amazing. My microgreens look as good as ever, we save energy, lower the heat output, and I’m thrilled with their performance. These will last much longer than fluorescent tubes. I look forward to replacing all of my lights with these. Since I have a business, I really needed a solution that would hold up for all the use they get every day and still give me great results. Problem solved! I’ll never use another light now.

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