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About Climate Control Equipment

Monitoring the climate of your grow room is essential to the healthy growth of your plants. At HTG Supply, we have a wide selection of climate control equipment that allows you to create the perfect environment for your indoor garden. Whether you need temperature and humidity control devices or CO2 supplementation, we have solutions for any environmental concern.

Our Climate Control Equipment

Our climate control equipment falls into several different categories:

Fans and ducting: Proper ventilation and air circulation is vital to the success of your indoor garden. We sell high-velocity inline fans that cool your grow light reflector hood, circulation fans that create the gentle breeze plants need for healthy growth, and ducting that connects fans to an outside air source. If you need climate control for grow tents, we have cooling flanges to connect fans or ducting to your grow tent with an airtight seal. Many growers also use duct silencers to minimize fan noise.

Air filters and odor control: We sell a wide range of products to help control strong plant odors. If your plants are packed tightly in your grow tent, a carbon filter can clean the air and help remove pungent smells. For particularly stubborn smells, ozone generators are powerful tools that help keep your air free of VOC's. For light odor correction, we carry highly effective odor-blocking gels and sprays. We also sell HEPA and dust filters to keep dust, fungal spores and other small particle irritants out of your grow tent.

Grow room CO2: Many indoor plants benefit from increased CO2 concentration to reach their full growth potential. Our selection includes advanced items such as CO2 and atmosphere control equipment, generators and burners, tanks and regulators and CO2 kits. For simpler supplementation, we also sell CO2 bags.

Dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers help regulate humidity levels in your grow tent or grow room. High humidity can stunt plant growth, cause mildew problems and even attract pests. It also makes your CO2 supplementation efforts ineffective. Using a high-quality dehumidifier keeps your grow area at the perfect humidity level for optimal growing conditions. We sell dehumidifiers from industry-leading brands in a range of sizes to meet all your needs.

Water treatment: Along with light and carbon dioxide, water is essential for plant growth. To ensure that your plants reach their full potential, you must effectively monitor your water supply. HTG Supply carries aeration pumps and stones, water chillers and heaters, filters and pH testers so you can stay on top of your water quality.

Why Buy Climate Control Equipment From HTG Supply?

We sell high-quality grow tent climate control equipment at reasonable prices. You're sure to find what you're looking for in our extensive inventory, and our growing experts are always available to assist you with your search. With our fast shipping times, you can typically expect to receive your order in just a few days.

Shop our grow box climate control products online or visit one of our retail stores to browse our products in person.

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