GrowBright 4 Inch Duct Filter



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Improve air quality in the grow room with GrowBright duct filters. Dual-layer design keeps contaminants out with minimal airflow restriction. The outer screen catches bugs and larger particles while the inner activated-carbon lined layer traps finer particulates such as dust, spores, and pollen. GrowBright duct filters are also great for keeping debris out of air-cooled reflectors. Filters install easily over duct/flanging and secure tightly with velcro fasteners.

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GrowBright 4″ Duct Filter

Improve air quality in the grow area with GrowBright duct filters, a simple dust and small particulate filtration elastic cover for air intakes.


•  Dust & small particulate filter for 4″ round duct/flange air intakes
•  Low restriction dual-layer design
•  Outer bug/larger-particle screen layer
•  Inner activated-carbon-lined smaller-particulate layer
•  Fits over standard 4″ round ducting/duct flanging

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