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Botanicare’s Bulkhead Screens are an essential tool when using the Botanicare Barbed Ebb and Flow system. Bulkheads are used to create unity between the two large reservoirs used in Ebb and Flow growing, and the screens help prevent debris from potentially clogging your bulkhead or pump.

  • Designed for the Barbed Ebb and Flow bulkhead
  • Great for do-it-yourselfers or replacemnets
  • Prevent debris from clogging tube or pump

In stock


Botanicare’s Bulkhead Screens
When growing quality yields in your Barbed Ebb and Flow system, you’re eventually going to have some plant debris. Avoid having clogs between reservoirs by using the Bulkhead Screens designed for the system! The screens also prevent pumps from clogging up the pump; which clogged pump could potentially leads to a costly fix!


  • Prevents clogs
  • Great for do-it-yourselfers or replacement pieces
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