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About Air Sanitizer Systems and Ozone Generators

Air sanitizer systems are used to eliminate airborne pathogens including bacteria, mold, viruses and other germs. These systems feature highly specialized light fixtures with germicidal UV-C fluorescent bulbs that are mounted to the inside of filters or ductwork. As air passes through the system, it is exposed to the powerful UV light and disinfected. We offer UV-C T5 fixtures and germicidal carbon filter retrofit kits that can be integrated into existing HVAC systems or odor control units as well as complete germicidal fan and carbon filter systems. If retrofitting your existing ventilation system with one of these air sanitation devices, be sure to select the device that is compatible with your or upgrade your inline fan or blower to meet the device specifications. Always use proper safety precautions when working with these systems and never directly expose yourself or others to these UV-C lights.

What is UVC Light?

UVC, or Ultraviolet C, is a non-visible wavelength of short-wave light radiation, falling between 100-280nm on the light spectrum. It is used primarily for germicidal applications, where UVC light exposure effectively neutralizes viruses, mold spores, and other pathogens. While UVC emitted from the Sun is almost entirely blocked by Earth’s atmosphere, specialized lighting technology is able to reproduce the 100-280nm spectrum.

Uvonair Ozone Systems

Ozone generators are a powerful way to eliminate odors in your grow area. Precautions must be taken when working with ozone to eradicate odors, as ozone is a lung irritant and can be harmful if inhaled. The best solution to applying ozone is to ensure that the grow room is not occupied while the generator is active, ensure that ventilation is functioning properly and is removing ozone after it is created, and that the grow room is not opened or entered for at least an hour after ozone generation ceases. HTG Supply carries ozone generators for odor control, shop now for a powerful, low-cost method to keeping your air odorless.

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