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Sunleaves 6 Inch Square Root Pots - 12 Pack

Placed in my pots to allow roots to get massive and passive...

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GrowBright Far Red LED Light Bar

WOW!! I am absolutely impressed with this light. It is a SOLID built light. It looks and feels to be engineered right and not cheaply built. It is very red and bright. Easily covers a 5 x 5 area to put the peppers to sleep, Goodnight.

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The Octo Cloner is an inexpensive and effective way to clone up to 8 plants at a time. It uses similar techniques to popular cloning systems at a fraction of the cost. In this video we teach you all y...
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Shop LED Grow Lights In this video, Dr. Myers goes over the effects of having far red light and infrared light in your grow room. He covers the different types of flowering plants; long-day, short-da...