NanoLux Double-Ended MH 600W Grow Bulb – 6000K


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Achieve explosive plant growth with the NanoLux DE MH 600W grow light bulb. This powerful double-ended metal halide lamp uses a 6000K spectrum, which is cooler than your typical 4000K bulb making it great for the vegetation period. With a protective borosilicate glass jacket, it's built for open fixtures and delivers exceptional performance you can trust.  

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NanoLux Double-Ended MH 600W Grow Bulb – 6000K

DE Metal Halide Lamp with Outer Jacket – Double-Ended Lamp 600W / 6K


  • 600W High Frequency double ended Horticultural MH lamp
  • Manufactured with outer jacket of borosilicate glass to meet ANSI standards for open fixture installations
  • Rated for OPEN type fixtures as per NEC 410.73(F)(5) and ANSI C78.387 standards
  • Always turn off electrical power before servicing the lamp
  • Lamp operates at a very high temperature and can cause severe burns if touched
  • Do not look directly at lamp during operation as it can cause eye injury
  • Lamp should not be installed in close proximity of any combustible materials
  • 1-year manufacturer warning


Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 3 × 3 in

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Grow Lights


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