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About LED Bulbs

LED (light-emitting diode) lights are an efficient, environmentally-friendly form of lighting, making them a popular choice among indoor growers. At HTG Supply, we carry numerous LED bulbs for grow lights that offer exceptional light absorption for your plants at any stage of their growth.

What Are LED Bulbs for Grow Tents?

LED bulbs are found in many lighting systems. They use semiconductors to generate light rather than burning filament-like traditional lightbulbs do. When used in an indoor grow tent or grow room, they offer plants a host of benefits, including:

Faster growth: LED bulbs help increase plant production. With this lighting, many growers achieve multiple harvests in the same season.

Less heat: LED bulbs give off less heat than traditional bulbs, making them more conducive to plant growth. Many types of bulbs generate a lot of heat, which causes your plants to dry out and diminishes their energy and water supply. When you use LED bulbs, you won't need to take additional heat-reducing measures to protect your plants, as you would with other types of bulbs. LED bulbs can also be placed closer to your plants for better light penetration.

Lower energy costs: LED bulbs use approximately 60% less energy than traditional bulbs for significant savings on your energy bills.

Long lifespan: With an average lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, LED bulbs keep your plants growing for longer periods with fewer replacements needed.

Horticultural LED Bulbs From HTG Supply

HTG Supply sells various types of LED bulbs to accommodate many different setups. Our selection includes several T5 bulbs, a fluorescent light that offers a brighter lumen output and an improved spectrum while using less energy. T5 bulbs are ideal for cloning, seed starting and vegetative applications.

We also have LED bulbs with full-spectrum capabilities for optimal plant growth. These lights stimulate chlorophyll development, stem development and flowering, making them an excellent choice for use at any stage of the plants' growth cycle. We sell these bulbs individually or in packs of 10.
You will also find bulbs like the AgroMax GrowSpot that target key light bands for specific growth needs. The GrowSpot and others like it provide intense red and far-red light with supplemental blue light for vegetative growth.

If you are looking for a specific brand or type of LED bulb and don't see it listed, contact our team. We'll be happy to see if we can track down the bulb you need or suggest an alternative.

Why Buy From Us?

HTG Supply maintains a large selection of household LED bulbs for growing. We have LED bulbs with advanced capabilities manufactured by industry-leading brands that we sell to you at affordable prices for a great value.

Whether you need a new grow light system or organic nutrients for your plants, you'll find essential supplies for any indoor garden in our inventory. With our speedy shipping times and personalized service, we provide customers with an easy, pleasant shopping experience.

Explore our inventory online or stop by one of our retail store locations today.

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