LED Bulbs

LED grow bulbs are the light bulbs used in LED grow lights. LED grow bulbs utilize many individual LEDs(light-emitting diodes) and have become one of the most popular types of grow bulb on the market. LED grow bulbs offer the grower tons of control over the wavelength of light being emitted and absorbed by your plants at any stage throughout the grow cycle. While LED grow bulbs to tend to last a very long time replacement LED grow bulbs are eventually needed to restore your LED grow light to its maximum performance….
Below browse our selection of LED grow bulbs from great brands like AgroMax who are truly revolutionizing the LED grow light industry. If there is a certain brand or type of LED grow bulb you’re looking for and you don’t see it listed on our site simply give us a call at 1-866-710-GROW and we’ll be happy to help you track down exactly what you need!Read more