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About Base Nutrients

Base Nutrients are critical to the development of healthy, high-yielding plants. By providing your plants with the essential nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium alongside a spectrum of micronutrients, base nutrients cover the core functions of plant growth. They get their name from the "base" they provide for further progress, so it's important to make these nutrients part of your grow room.

Growers can take their pick from single-part, two-part, and three-part nutrients to meet the requirements of both their garden and their plants. HTG Supply carries a spectrum of high-quality base nutrients anyone can put to use in their gardens. Learn how these additives in your soil or hydroponic reservoir can benefit your entire system with growth essentials.

Which Base Nutrients Should You Use in Your Hydro Garden?

Depending on your growth needs, your base nutrients will vary. At HTG Supply, we offer a wide selection of choices to fit any occasion or goal. We've divided our nutrient options into the following categories based on their typical use in grow rooms:

  • 2-part nutrients: Growth and bloom are two essential stages of your plants' lives. 2-part nutrients help seeds move through these phases with excellent results. Be sure to purchase both parts of veg and flower nutrients, which are sold separately and in packs.
  • 3-part nutrients: 3-part nutrients nourish your plants from start to finish. A base nutrients tribe includes grow, micro and bloom. The grow and bloom formulas are used primarily during those growth phases, and the micro formula adds micronutrients like zinc and calcium and is used throughout the entire growth cycle in varying amounts. Watch your seeds grow into their harvest stage with outstanding results from 3-part nutrients.
  • All-in-one: All-purpose nutrients are great supplements for your plants. They are generalized mixes that can apply to any growth phase and give your seeds an extra boost.
  • Hydroponic: Hydroponics systems use liquid reservoirs and tubing to feed plants. These nutrients are more stable in nutrient solutions and help prevent clogging of components. Hydroponic nutrients are highly concentrated and effective. They can alter your water's pH, so check your levels before you begin growing.
  • Organic base nutrients: Natural substances have many minerals and nutrients that can help your plants blossom. Organic base nutrients use materials like kelp, guano and alfalfa for their growth benefits.
  • Starter kits and packages: Starter kits are an economical way to try out new nutrients in your garden. If you're hoping to try a different brand and want to save some money, these are great options.

Give Your Plants a Boost With Base Nutrients From HTG Supply

When your seeds are in their vegetative stage, they need all the support they can get. Base nutrients provide well-rounded nutrition to help plants grow to their greatest potential and set the stage for the rest of their development. You can give your seeds the boost they need with anything from 2-part to organic base nutrients from HTG Supply.

If you want to learn more about using base nutrients in your garden, check out our online resources. When you decide which nutrients you want to use, we will ship your order within 24 hours so you can get started right away. Reach out to us online or visit us at one of our retail locations to learn more from one of our experts.

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