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About Net Pots

HTG Supply has all of the net pots and hydroponic containers you need, in stock for less! Commonly found in hydroponic setups as hydroponic containers, net pots are used to help anchor your plants to your hydroponic system. Net pots are perfect for seed starting, cloning, and commonly found in ebb & flow systems, aeroponic systems, and drip systems. These innovative pots are strong enough to be used with a variety of grow medium, including hydroton, coco-coir, rockwool, and larger-sized perlite. Or, they can be used completely without a grow medium! The net pots we offer in our store are premium-quality net pots, that can be reused over and over and made from a durable plastic netted material. HTG Supply carries a wide variety of high quality potting and growing options to ensure you have everything you need including net pots, air pruning pots, nursery pots and more! Browse everything available from the best brands at the best prices!

Net Pots vs Net Cups
While the terms are used interchangeably smaller sized net pots are commonly referred to as net cups since they are often about the same size as a cup. We offer net pots in a variety of setups to ensure we have a product for even the most sophisticated hydro setups.

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