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Soil Amendments

Improve your garden with soil amendments from HTG Supply! With brands including Organic Mechanics, Growstone and Down to Earth, our soil amendments will feed your plants so they can grow.

We offer complete garden soil and soil amendments that help your indoor garden thrive with the proper nutrients, pH and moisture. When caring for an entire grow room of plants, you want to know your soil is performing at its best. Just as humans need nutrients and minerals to survive, your seeds need the proper “food” to flourish.

Types of Soil Amendments

Each addition to your soil can improve the growth and quality of your plants. Choose from among the following to increase your soil’s fertility:

  • Azomite and mineral-based supplements: Azomite and mineral-based supplements are all-natural options for your garden. Azomite is a unique ingredient formed from volcanic ash. Azomite and other fertilizers, like oyster shells, release nutrients in the soil. These amendments come from the earth and re-mineralize your crops.
  • Guano: Traditional farming processes have used fertilizers like guano for hundreds of years. Guanos are powerful soil amendments that come from bats and birds’ droppings. These additions may seem bizarre, but the science behind this natural fertilizer shows how effective guano can be.
  • Meal fertilizers: Meal fertilizers are dried and ground ingredients that add specific nutrients to your soil. Gardeners love the benefits of recycling parts of our food into plant food, from crab to bone to alfalfa meal. These soil amendments prevent waste by using the aspects of food production that humans won’t eat.
  • Organic compost tea: Organic compost tea is the ultimate supplement to your garden. Given its name for its mixture of ingredients, compost tea includes anything from earthworm castings to soybean meal. This soil amendment mixes the benefits of natural fertilizer into one “brew.”
  • Earthworm castings: In outdoor gardens, earthworms provide necessary aeration and nutrient cycling for soil to thrive. Indoor gardeners love the effect of organic earthworm castings because they do a similar job of helping your plants. Earthworm waste is full of nonsynthetic nutrients that can do wonders for your soil.
  • Soil inoculants: Soil inoculants give your seeds the fungi and bacteria they need to grow. Many of these substances increase results in the blooming stage by releasing nutrients. Some inoculants are already in our compost teas, or you can add them to the fertilizer you enjoy most.
  • Super soil recipe: Prepare your soil with the necessary amendments ahead of time to begin a successful harvest. Our super soil recipe combines fertilizers with the nutrients, bacteria and minerals plants need. We call this a recipe because you can create the perfect blend of “food” to keep your garden healthy and happy.

Your garden’s needs will change based on your plants, space or system, so explore each option with care. Shop our soil amendments from the country’s largest and fastest independent garden supplier, HTG Supply.

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