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Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice




Voodoo Juice by Advanced Nutrients is a root-enhancing and plant-strengthening liquid nutrient that encourages bigger yields faster by using beneficial microbes. Voodoo Juice contains carefully bred beneficial microbes used to break down old root material and then transform it into nutrition for your plants.

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Voodoo Juice took 2 PhD’s to create and formulate. Voodoo Juice is a liquid solution consisting of five strains of microbes, one of which is a nitrogen fixer. These microbes colonize the plant’s root system facilitating the conversion of nutrients both organic and chemical. Voodoo Juice is not a mycorrhizal mixture. Every 4 liters of Voodoo Juice contains 200 BILLION microbes. Nutrients are converted to forms that become bio-available to the plants while also stimulation explosive root growth. Plants are better able to acquire vital nutrients and moisture. In testing, root mass has been found to increase over the control plants as much as 90%!

Voodoo juice Technical Info:

Dr. Hornby is a well-respected researcher who has created a superlative product line based on his respect for nature and his use of the latest agricultural theory and technology. Among the premier products he’s created is VOODOO JUICE, which has been championed by our customers as a revolutionary approach to helping crops absorb nutrients through their roots. Voodoo Juice achieves amazing results because it contains non-pathogenic beneficial microbes that work in the root zone to make chemical and organic nutrients more available for uptake into your crops. Voodoo Juice stimulates root growth and efficiency, and it contains Gibberellins, which create natural growth-enhancing hormones that work faster and better than the artificial hormones that some companies put in their products. Our customers send us amazing pictures showing how Voodoo Juice caused impressive growth of their crop’s root systems. When roots grow in size and efficiency, they better support crop growth, maturation and yield. Voodoo Juice is a tonic for roots unequaled by any products manufactured by our competitors. Voodoo Juice is safe and easy to use in every type of agricultural setting and during every phase of crop cycles, including the seedling/cutting phase.



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