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About T5 Grow Lights

T5 grow lights offer powerful, efficient performance that promotes exceptional growth for your indoor garden. At HTG Supply, we have an extensive inventory of T5 grow lights for sale so that you can find the options you need to make your growing operation a success.

What Are T5 Grow Lights?

T5 grow lights are a type of fluorescent light that can be used for growing plants of all types and sizes throughout all growth stages. The "T" in the name refers to their tubular shape, and the "5" indicates its 5/8-inch diameter bulb. T5 grow lights are available in various spectrums and provide intense light at cooler temperatures for greater efficiency.

At HTG Supply, we carry T5 grow lights systems that come complete with the fluorescent grow light fixture and grow bulbs of your choice, such as bloom, grow and other specialty bulbs. We sell all types of T5 grow lights, including 2-foot and 4-foot options with one, two, four, six or eight lamp configurations available. We also supply every type of T5 bulb, including Bloom 3000K, Balanced 5400K, Grow Stage 6500K, Finisher 10000K, AgroMax Pure PAR series and special UV-A plus lamps for specific final flowering applications.

Why Choose T5 Grow Light Systems?

Choosing a T5 grow light system provides many benefits, including:

Greater efficiency: T5 lights use significantly less energy than traditional fluorescent grow lights at 100 lumens per watt. They can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 50%, depending on what you are growing, which means huge savings on your energy bills.

Reduced heat: Controlling the temperature of your grow room is essential to any indoor garden. When temperatures get too high, your plants can become damaged. Unlike many other types of grow lights, T5 lights run cool, so they can be placed closer to your plants without burning their leaves or drying them out. With closer proximity, your plants can absorb more light for faster growth. These characteristics make T5 lights an especially good option for propagation and young plants.

Long-lasting: T5 grow lights have a relatively high average life expectancy of approximately 20,000 hours with minimal degradation for long-lasting, reliable performance. Their exceptional longevity also reduces the need for replacement, resulting in long-term cost savings.

Why Purchase Indoor T5 Grow Lights From HTG Supply?

HTG Supply has a diverse selection of T5 grow light fixtures and bulbs. Choose from HTG Supply's own brand of T5 lights and other industry-leading brands like GrowBright and TEK for quality you can count on. If you can't find the specific T5 lighting option you are looking for, let us know and we can try to find it for you or suggest an alternative. Our team has extensive growing expertise and can assist you will all your indoor gardening needs.

HTG Supply is one of the fastest shippers in the industry. We ship all orders within 24 hours, so you can expect delivery within three days if you live in the continental U.S. We also have store locations in 10 different states, so you can stop by and visit us in person if you live nearby.

Shop online or at one of our retail stores to find everything you need for your indoor garden.

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