About 4' Fixtures

Looking for a top quality T5 Grow Light system? HTG Supply offers the best T5 Grow Lights at the lowest prices. We have a huge selection of Fluorescent T5 Grow Lights for every type of indoor gardener, from beginner to hobby to professional growers. Our grow lights will help your. indoor growing process from start to finish with unmatched growth. Complete T5 Grow Light Systems Most of our T5 Grow Light fixture systems come complete with the fluorescent grow light fixture and your choice of grow, bloom or other specialty grow bulbs to give your indoor gardens the light they need for tremendous growth. We have all type of T5 grow lights available including 2 foot T5 (F24T5HO) and 4 foot T5 (F54T5HO) versions, with 1 lamp, 2 lamp, 4 lamp, 6 lamp or 8 lamp styles available. Our T5 grow lights are powerful, quiet and save energy compared to other fluorescent grow lights. These T5 grow lights can be used for any stage of plant growth, from seed starting lights and cloning lights, to vegetative growth lights and even special “finishing UV” type of lights we can customize a T5 grow light system to fit your needs. HTG Supply offers every type of T5 grow light bulbs available, including Grow Stage 6500K, Bloom 3000K, balanced 5400K, 10,000K and we now offer a special UV-A plus lamp for special final flowering applications.

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