Grow Mediums

Grow Mediums

Our selection of growing mediums for indoor gardens contains products that give your plants the best opportunity for maximum growth and health. We carry the most popular indoor gardening grow soil brands, including FoxFarm, CANNA and Roots Organics.

What Are Grow Mediums for Indoor Gardens?

Grow mediums are substrates for indoor gardens. Some substrate materials take the place of soil for hydroponic systems. These are typically porous materials to hold the oxygen and moisture necessary for roots to grow. All growing mediums offer unique benefits, so the best option for you depends on your setup and preferences.

Our Grow Mediums for Sale
At HTG Supply, we have many types of grow mediums available, including:
Coco coir: Coco coir is one of the most popular growing mediums. It is an inert, fungus-free medium made from ground coconut husks with a balanced air-to-water ratio. After its initial use as a substrate, coco coir can be repurposed as a soil conditioner.

Expanded clay pellets: Expanded clay pellets are pH-stable and provide excellent aeration and drainage in hydroponic systems. Our selection includes pellets made by leading brands such as Hydroton and Plant!t.

Growstones: Growstones are innovative grow mediums made from 100% recycled glass. They offer exceptional air and water retention and can be used to grow a wide range of plants, including fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Rockwool: Rockwool is made from spun basalt rock fibers that are formed into cubes or slabs. They are perfect for drip irrigation and ebb and flow systems because they hold a very good air-to-water ratio, so moisture and oxygen are readily available for your plants. We sell Grodan rockwool and rockwool cubes, mini cubes, slabs and starter plugs.
Vermiculite: Vermiculite offers enhanced water retention and is ideal for seed starting and soil amending. It is made from compressed silicic material such as mica and is often used with perlite or other media.

Perlite: Perlite is a highly porous, air-puffed volcanic glass that increases aeration. Because it is so lightweight, it is usually mixed with other substrates like vermiculite or coco coir so it does not wash away. Perlite also works well as a top layer over soil to prevent fungus gnats from penetrating the surface and laying eggs.

Soilless mixes: Soilless mixes are a combination of organic matter. We sell soilless mixes from Pro-Mix, which are made from sphagnum peat moss, top-shelf fertilizers and active mycorrhizal inoculants for a premium-grade substrate.

Potting soil: Our selection of potting soils includes organic, fast-draining and bulk-packaged options.

Soil amendments: Soil amendments are materials added to soil to improve water retention, aeration, and drainage. Our selection of soil amendment products includes organic worm castings, guanos, meal fertilizers, organic compost tea, soil inoculants and mineral-based amendments.

Benefits of Buying Soil for Hydroponic Systems From HTG Supply

HTG Supply has an extensive selection of soil for indoor gardening. When you order from us, you will benefit from our affordable prices, fast shipping times, and high-quality products. Shop online or visit us at one of our retail locations to see our complete inventory of supplies.

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Originalpottingsoil 1.5Cf
Roots Organics Potting Soil 1.5 Cubic Feet
Canna Coco 50L
CANNA Coco - 50L
Cultiwool Mini Cubes - 1.5 Inch
Cultiwool Mini Rockwool Cubes - 1.5 Inch
Dnc Detroit Nutrient Company Great Lakes Water Only Soil
Great Lakes Water Only Soil
Canna Coco Brick 2
CANNA Coco Brick - 40L
Foxfarm Strawberry Fields 1.5 Cuft
FoxFarm Strawberry Fields® Potting Soil
Fox Farm Ocean Forest 1 and a Half cuft
FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil
6x6x6 Grodan Gro-Block Improved Rockwool Block
6 Inch Rockwool Cubes - 6x6x6 Gro Blocks
Mammoth Microbes P
Mammoth P
Starting at:
Rw Aok Plugs
Grodan A-Ok 1.5 Inch Starter Plugs Sheet of 98
707 Soil Formula Roots Organics
Roots Organics Formula 707
Starting at:
Rockwool Minicubes
Rockwool / Stonewool 1.5 Inch Cubes - 45 Pack
Cultiwool 4 Inch Cubes 6-Pack
Cultiwool Cubes - 4 Inch
Hydroton 10L 10 Liter Bag
Hydroton 10 Liter Bag
Foxfarm Coco Loco Potting Mix 2 Cuft
FoxFarm Bush Doctor Coco Loco
Roots Organics Terp Tea Grow
Roots Organics Terp Tea Grow
Starting at:
Adv Voodoojuice
Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice
Starting at:
Rockwool Groblocks
Rockwool / Stonewool 3 Inch Gro Blocks - 8 Pack
Roots Organics Green Fields Soil 1.5 Cubic Feet
Nut Htg St004
Stump Tea
Starting at:
Roots Organics Terp Tea Bloom
Roots Organics Terp Tea Bloom
Starting at:
Rockwool Groblocks
Rockwool / Stonewool 4 Inch Gro Blocks - 6 Pack
Hydroton 50L 50 Liter Bag
Hydroton 50 Liter Bag
Plant!t Expanded Clay Pellets - 40 L

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