Expanded Clay Pellets and Grow Rocks

About Expanded Clay Pellets and Grow Rocks

Shop HTG Supply's selection of Hydroton and expanded clay pebbles and save! A soilless growing medium like Hydroton pellets is a clean and pH-stable option for proper aeration and drainage. Expanded clay pebbles are a common medium in hydroponic and soilless grow setups. We carry the best Hydroton products available as well as other brands like Plant!T which has a unique structure and larger surface area.

The Hydroton Brand vs. "Hydroton"

Hydroton is a specific brand of expanded clay pebbles offered by Mother Earth, a division of Sunlight Supply. Many growers use the term "hydroton" as a generic term to refer to any brand of expanded clay pebbles or pellets for growing.

If someone recommends Hydroton they may be referring to the brand of clay pebbles or using the term to describe this grow medium. Hydroton was one of the original brands and remains a household name in the industry.

How Grow Rocks and Clay Pellets Help Your Plants

Your indoor garden thrives based on its internal conditions, and certain plants will need extra care to help them grow. Your plants may need better drainage for drip systems to help keep their roots free of bacteria and rot. Grow rocks are small, soilless growing mediums that help to prevent overwatering. We carry Growstone, a brand that makes its pebbles with 100% recycled glass.

Indoor garden clay pellets offer your plants drainage and water holding qualities similar to grow rocks. You can place this soilless growing medium on the top or bottom of your soil pots to absorb any excess water or use them as a standalone grow medium in hydroponic systems. Clay pebbles are suitable for growing almost any kind of plant whether your adding them to soil mixes or using them in hydroponic systems.

For the indoor gardener at the frontier of hydroponics, soilless growing mediums are an easy way to maintain your plants. You can reuse certain clay pellets and soilless mixes since they are already recycled materials. Clay pebbles are sustainable and effective and are a necessary addition to your grow room.

Try our selection of soilless growing mediums to save money on soil and help prevent overwatering in your indoor garden. Hydroculture systems allow your plants to bloom and grow with the security of recyclable "soil."

You will love the difference clay pebbles or grow rocks make in your flourishing garden. Known for the fastest shipping in the industry, we at HTG Supply can get your grow room started soon.

Find Quality Clay Pellets and Soilless Mixes at HTG Supply

HTG Supply is a leading indoor garden supply store with an extensive selection of products available online for fast delivery. We have all of the products you need to create a thriving garden environment. As one of the fastest-growing indoor growing and hydroponics supply stores in the nation, we have 18 locations throughout the U.S. in 11 different states.

Find the soilless growing mediums you need for your garden today when you browse our comprehensive collection of products. Be sure to check out our special deals to find products with unmatched value.

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