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About Hydroton Clay Pebbles

Shop HTG Supply's selection of Hydroton and expanded clay pebbles and save! Expanded clay medium like Hydroton clay pebbles or pellets is a clean and pH-stable option for providing proper aeration and drainage in your hydroponic setup. Expanded clay pebbles, and especially the Hydroton brand, are one of the more common types of mediums found in hydroponic and soilless grow setups. We carry the best Hydroton products available for growers, in addition to other expanded clay pellet brands like Plant!T which is also favored for its unique structure and larger surface area.

The Hydroton Brand vs. hydroton"
Hydroton is a specific brand of expanded clay pebbles offered by Mother Earth a division of Sunlight Supply. A lot of growers use the term "hydroton" as a generic term to refer to nearly any brand of expanded clay pebbles or pellets for growing. Be aware that if someone on an online grow forum or anywhere else recommends you use Hydroton they may be referring specifically to the Hydroton brand of clay pebbles or they may use the term loosely to describe this certain type of grow medium. Hydroton was one of the original brands of clay pebbles for growing and has remained a household name in the industry ever since.

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