Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are the most common way indoor gardeners to keep unwanted odors and scents from overpowering their gardens. These filters work by trapping odor causing molecules on the porous surface of activated carbon, which is finely packed into the metal cylinder for longevity and ease of use. Carbon filters come in many sizes, and the bigger the flowering area, the bigger the carbon filter must be! HTG Supply carries carbon filters from the closet hero all the way up to commercial air filtering applications.

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Can Fan 4 Inch
GrowBright 4 Inch Jr. Carbon Filter
Cf 6Inch
GrowBright 6 Inch Carbon Filter
Can Fan 6 Inch
GrowBright 6 Inch Jr. Carbon Filter
Cf Tallboy4
GrowBright 4 Inch Tall Boy Carbon Filter
Cf Tallboy6
GrowBright 6 Inch Tall Boy Filter
Cf 6Xxl
GrowBright 6 Inch XXL Carbon Filter
Gb Cf 8
GrowBright Pure Flow 8 Inch Carbon Filter
Can Flanges
Can-Filter Flanges
Can 9000
Can-Lite 9000 Carbon Filter
Can 33
Can 33 Carbon Filter
Can 66
Can 66 Carbon Filter
KFI GL425S Greenline Filter
KFI Green Line Filter 425S
Standard Line 330 KFI Carbon Filter Angle
KFI Standard Line Filter 330
KFI Standard Line Filter 660
KFI Pre-Filter Replacements
Can 100
Can 100 Carbon Filter
Can 75
Can 75 Carbon Filter
KFI Standard Pre-Filter 330
KFI GL800 Greenline Filter
KFI Green Line Filter 800
Can Flanges
KFI Filter Flanges
KFI GL1000 Greenline Filter
KFI Green Line Filter 1000GL
KFI Standard Line Filter 750
KFI GL2500 Greenline Filter
KFI 2500 Green Line Filter - GL2500
KFI SL1000
KFI Standard Line Filter 1000SL

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