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About Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are the most common way for indoor gardeners to keep unwanted odors and scents from overpowering their gardens. These filters work by trapping odor-causing molecules on the porous surface of activated carbon, which is finely packed into the metal cylinder for longevity and ease of use. Carbon filters come in many sizes, and the bigger the flowering area, the bigger the carbon filter must be!

HTG Supply carries carbon filters from the closet hero all the way up to commercial air filtering applications. Here, you can shop for top brands like Can Filters and GrowBright. Read on to discover how to determine which filters will work best for your growing operation.

Carbon Filter Brands

Choosing a filter partially depends on size and reliability, but it also comes down to personal preference. Each of our brands has a distinct personality with dedicated goals for their filtration devices. Since they're all the best quality you can get, the decision comes down to your unique specifications.

The most commonly used sizes of carbon filters are four inches and six inches. The four-inch size is ideal for smaller grow tents, while six-inch filters are standard for your typical growing room, which is usually around 200 cubic feet. We also carry larger filters with 8-inch to 14-inch flange sizes for larger grow rooms and growing facilities. HTG Supply offers brands with filters in both sizes, so you can choose the brand and size that meets your needs.


Get the most selection with GrowBright's filters full of lightweight, porous activated carbon. You can easily connect them to centrifugal blowers and squirrel cages, although you may need an adapter in some cases. You'll enjoy GrowBright's Pure Flow technology, complete with virgin activated carbon, open-air mesh and a replaceable pre-filter.

Can Filters

Can Filters have been known around the world for their consistent quality in removing odors from indoor gardens, factories and many other industries for over three decades. Breathing clean air allows you and your plants to reach the best of your abilities, and Can Filters can help you achieve that.


Kootenay Filter, or KFI, is the first North American company to produce a line of carbon filters completely made from renewable resources, the Green Line. These four- and six-inch filters come in various sizes so that rooms of any measurement can experience full, green ventilation for 18 months to two years. You can also buy flange replacements that suit your ventilation requirements.


FloroFresh specializes in supplementary filtration devices, primarily germicidal filter kits with UV-C lamps that neutralize pathogens. This way, you can filter odors and germs from your garden simultaneously, further improving crop growth and yield.

Tips for Filter Installation

As you prepare to install your filtration system, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep your indoor garden in top shape:

  • Know what size you need: Before buying a carbon filter, take the time to determine the size of your grow room. When you know that, you can accurately determine which filter size will work for your room without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Consider other additions: If odor control is of the utmost importance, you may want to look into our ozone generators and other forms of odor control. Although our carbon filters are highly effective, other odor-eliminating tools can make sure you have the most neutral-smelling garden in the area.
  • Know when to clean and replace the filter: Your typical carbon filter can last between a year and a half and two years when properly cared for. Try to wash the pre-filter about once a month and let it fully dry before returning it to the system. You can also vacuum the pre-filter in between cleanings to avoid messiness.

Perfect Your Plants With HTG Supply

Indoor growing requires high-quality supplies from trusted brands that know what they're doing. HTG Supply only works with industry-leading brands, so you can get the best yields as quickly as possible. Outfit your growing space with activated carbon filters, exhaust fans and generators, all in one place. Build your dream garden today with HTG Supply.

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