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About Indoor Garden Supplements

Just like daily vitamins, supplemental plant nutrition can be helpful for a healthy and full harvest. Nutrient supplements are used to maintain and reinforce the health of plants and correct for deficiencies in nutrient schedules and soil.

Feeding plants a balanced "diet" can improve their ability to grow strong roots and stand tall. Supplements like vitamins and seaweeds can improve plant growth. Plus, these materials mimic natural processes that help your seeds get the air, food and water they need.

Maintaining healthy, robust plants is key to quality final products, as well as healthy clones and cuttings. HTG Supply carries a range of supplements for every application, browse today to find the supplement to get your grow back on track.

What Are the Different Types of Indoor Garden Supplements?

Every supplement has a different nutritional benefit for your soil. Commercial growers often use more than one to perfect their soil. We provide excellent indoor garden supplements for many needs for experts and beginners alike, including:

  • Amino acids and vitamins: Amino acids and vitamins speed up the growth process and produce healthy results. Plants naturally create vitamins and acids, so these supplements can give your seeds the energy to develop elsewhere.
  • Calcium magnesium: Some necessary minerals and nutrients need a boost in your garden. Calcium and magnesium can help your soil flourish, so many indoor gardeners use Cal-Mag additives.
  • Foliar sprays: Plants absorb air and water quicker through their leaves, so why not add nutrients too? Foliar sprays are topical applications for plant food that can stimulate growth and nourish them further.
  • Organic supplements: Some gardeners prefer nonsynthetic materials, so we supply many organic supplements. These come from naturally occurring materials like bat guano or fish protein. Avoiding chemicals with these organic additives can create happy and healthy results.
  • Seaweeds and kelps: The ocean and its native plants offer a world of nutrients you can't find anywhere else. Whether harvested from farms or the sea itself, seaweeds and kelps add a host of micronutrient content.
  • Silica: Silica is an excellent indoor garden supplement for growth and protection. The substance encourages plants to build cell walls and protect themselves from pests and disease. Many commercial growers and beginners use silica for enhanced performance and strength.

Feed Your Garden With Excellent Nutrients From HTG Supply

Healthy plants produce strong results. Your garden can flourish with fresh herbs and vegetables when you supplement your soil appropriately. Creating a balance with your soil amendments is tricky, so use them sparingly if you're a beginner. Consult our information center for help if needed.

Improve your grow room today with indoor garden supplements from HTG Supply. We will ship within 24 hours of your order so you can get started immediately. If you have questions, get in touch with us online or visit the retail store nearest you.

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