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Whether you need to cycle lights, power hydroponic systems, or regulate fans on and off, timers are an easy-to-use piece of equipment that can control power flow through a regular socket. Timers reflect a 24 hour cycle, and can be programmed at intervals to power whatever is plugged span id=”more”>into them. With digital timers, cycles can be timed down to the minute, and with mechanical timers, you are able to regulate devices at 15 minute intervals. HTG Supply carries the timers you need to keep your garden running on schedule.

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120v Timed Surge Protector
High Yield 8 Outlet Surge Protector / Timer
240v Single Outlet Mech Timer
High Yield 1 Outlet 240 Volt Mechanical Timer
120v Dual Outlet Mech Timer
High Yield 2 Outlet Mechanical Timer
120v Single Outlet Mech Timer
Single Outlet Mechanical Timer - 120 Volt
120v Dual Outlet Digital Timer
High Yield 2 Outlet Digital Timer w/ Battery
AgroMax Digital Recycle Timer
AgroMax Digital Cycle Timer
Hlc 2E 600
CAP 15 Minute On Delay Timer - HLC-2e
Cap Cycle Timer 1On 4Off Front
CAP NFT-1e Cycle Timer
BluePrint Single Outlet Digital Timer - 240 Volt
Blueprint Single Outlet Digital Timer - 120 Volt
Cap Cycle Timer 3On 5Off Front
CAP NFT-2e Cycle Timer
Blueprint 120 Volt Cycle Timer
Mdt1 Controller
Sentinel MDT-1 Digital Timer
Blueprint Mech Timer -120V
Blueprint Timer -120V
Titan Controls Apollo 11 Digital Timer
Titan Controls Apollo 11 240v Digital Timer
Chrono C1 Rl Timer Front
Chrono-C1 Recycling and Lighting Timer
CAP CO2 4-E Timer
CAP 4 Timer Temp/Humidity/CO2 Controller

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