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HTG Supply carries several top-quality brands of ready to use coconut coir in bags, including Roots Organics, Organic Mechanics, CANNA, and more! Shop now to discover why growers across the country are going cuckoo for coco coir. “Coco coir is an incredible medium that has been steadily trending up among indoor growers for some time. Coir can retain moisture (6-8 times its own weight) and improve soil drainage, it has a naturally neutral pH level, it's, and it's resistant to bacteria and fungus. Plus, it's renewable and reusable!

Coco coir is the brown fiber that lies between the outer shell and the flesh of the coconut fruit. In addition to horticultural uses, coco coir is harvested for a variety of cultural and commercial uses. Horticultural coco coir medium is processed into several forms including coco pith/peat (ground), pellets or chips, and birds-nest varieties, each of which offers slightly different qualities for planting.” – Visit our Talking Shop Blog to read more on coco coir.

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